The way this guy disconnected himself from Nollywood to a more better cause is a clear indication of someone who knows what he truly wants in life, he understood time and season, he would have probably not be an A-list actor if he had remained in today’s industry filled with mediocrity and bunch of talentless folks who chose drama over realness, and that could have ended his career. As a veteran, he paid his dues and took a bow to become a very important lawyer of note in Nigeria, today, he’s more prosperous than what he used to be in the film industry. So many veterans have worn out and died because they lack vision, they wanted to remain in the industry forever without understanding that fame in Nigeria does not last forever. Today he is a great lawyer doing wonders.

You’ll always salute him on sight because he’s worthy of emulation. This is an advice to all of you reading this, go back to school to improve yourself if you have to, so you don’t die small, no time is late.

All hail the erudite Barr. Kenneth Okonkwo!!!

(Business Hilights)



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