Portable laments the loss of his wrist watch and gold chain after jumping into the crowd of fans during a performance.

In a video that went viral, the musician was seen completely tired and perplexed by his misfortune.

He was apparently providing a fantastic performance to his followers at a show when he decided, in his Ecstasy, to jump into the crowd of supporters.

Unfortunately for him, fans who rushed at him robbed him of his possessions.

He could be seen weeping, saying he had no idea how it all happened because he can’t find the gold chain or wrist watch.

Watch the video below:

“I Have More Glory Than Michael Jackson” Portable brags as mammoth crowd mobs him

Award-winning street performer, Portable, has Recently compared Himself to late American singer Michael Jackson.

The fast-rising musician had gathered a large throng who surrounded him and sang his accolades in clips broadcast on his Instagram page.

The footage showed Portable driving down the road when a large mob encircled him, applauding the artist.

Portable threw some money to the throng, who screamed in delight and scrambled for the money.

Some members of the audience had gone so far as to stop the singer’s automobile, demanding that he pay his respects.

“Michael Jackson’s glory isn’t as great as mine”, he said in the video.

This isn’t the first time, Portable has compared himself to other great singers.



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