A lot of people have shown interest in a job opportunity that recruiter George Ralph Dunn from the Fairfax and Kensington household staffing agency, based in the UK, posted on LinkedIn.

George stated in the post that he is looking for a dog nanny who can give his client’s two cherished dogs the best possible care.

It is one of the most lucrative dog-care jobs available with a salary of N96 million.

Since then, the post has gained popularity as many people comment on the high pay and chance to work with dogs.

George stated in the post that the ideal applicant must be a superb and extremely knowledgeable dog nanny who can guarantee the dogs’ general security and well-being.

The job inscription read;

“Our returning client is seeking an exceptional and highly experienced Dog Nanny to provide top-tier care for their two beloved dogs, They are truly looking for someone at the top of their field who can ensure the overall well-being, happiness, and safety of their dogs.”

“Daddy OPM is wiser now” – Reactions as Female Security Guard Dances at Duty Post

A young security guard at a prominent Nigerian fast-food restaurant has gone viral for dancing while on duty.

She was seen doing some ‘Unavailable’ dance steps and playing with her colleague outside the main entrance.

The female guard’s face was beaming with happiness as she shook her body while an eyewitness recorded her from a car.

When she realized she was being filmed, she covered her face coyly and tapped her coworker, who stood there silently watching her.

The person who videotaped the guard praised her for taking the menial job rather than living on the streets like some of her colleagues.

After going viral, the clip generated massive reactions and most comments connected her action to that of Happie Boys who found themselves traveling to Cyprus for studies after hitting the spotlight in similar manner

iampsalmbee wrote; Daddy OPM is wiser now.

ayoola_ab wrote; She is too young to be doing Security, How can I get her I want to send her to Peru to continue her study.

kunta.kite; Happy bois dun cast the format, helpers left the chat.

singlebonecfr; Nah to apply for one chicken republic security work asap, then dance so person go video me then I will now go viral.

mamash_exclusive; What’s the ‘situation’. She’s at work! Working! Like every one of us! If you don’t carry your work on your head and be happy and proud with it, how do you intend to grow in life?

voltageofhype; Another dancer, una do we’ll make she dance enter next week nobody Dey do visa for her to Cyprus 🇨🇾 the last one when dem help na regret we Dey help the MOG regret like this.

bagboy_millano; Na new update?? Make I go start to dance for Mr. Biggs maybe my helper fit record me.



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