Tein Jack-Rich, a former All Progressives Congress presidential aspirant, has debunked the recent allegations of s*xual misconduct against his wife, Elizabeth.

In a statement, signed on behalf of the family by High Chief I.J. Ibiwari on Sunday, Jack-Rich described the allegations in the media space as malicious fabrications, sponsored by political elements, to injure the future and integrity of his wife and their children.

He appealed to Nigerians to disregard the allegations against his family and those of other prominent Nigerians.

“With honour, we appreciate your understanding, and for detesting the avalanche of the most injuriously preposterous insult metted on the family by mischievous politicians.

“These miscreants’ only vision is to promote their likes, to stay in public office by any means, to continue to feed fat from what we produce as their spend, yet they have no respect for producers and employers of labour.

”Those who understand family as core, detest these type of political charlatans with satanic lifestyle because they have no respect for society with what they say,” the family said in the letter.

It also noted that those behind these attacks are just envious of Mrs Jack-Rich’s giant strides as a young woman.

”This is the climax of political desperation by desperadoes who want to forcefully enter a house they fought against.

The family alleged that the accusers have taken up a new style of attack after the failure of previous efforts.

”Their vice style is attack to enter. Now they want to come inside the house by attacking those who are the builders of the house they once fought.

”Nigerians are watching with keenness what will become of this melancholy.

‘The family described Mrs Jack Rich as a brave and intelligent woman and an asset to Nigeria.

“A beautiful mother to many countless families in her care.”

“The family expresses its unflinching support for Mrs Jack-Rich in the face of any type of attack or provocation.”



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