The EU report on the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria is itself the biggest and best example of fake news and it belongs in the dustbin.

There is not one thing we said during the campaign about the antics of the opposition, their foreign collaborators, their friends and backers in identifiable sections of the Nigerian and international media and their subterranean and covert co-conspirators in the then corridors of powers that is not true.

We have not forgotten what they subjected us to, what they did to us and the role each and every one of them played.

Their collective intention was to stop PBAT and, thanks be to God, they failed.

The truth is that the EU is still smarting over the fact that it’s preferred candidate lost.

We know what happened behind the scenes but that is a story for another day. The most important thing is that PBAT prevailed.

Now they are trying to diminish, discredit and tarnish his victory by saying that the election was flawed with irregularities and rigged and that his front line generals and warriors, who stood with him in the heat of battle, indulged in fake news.

They are nothing but poor losers and lost souls and whether they like it or not PBAT is here to stay and, God-willing, will lead Nigeria for the next 8 years!

I am glad that the Presidency has responded to their dishonest, disrespectful and contemptuous report in a decisive and appropriate manner.

We need say no more.

Before they assail and afflict us with their self-serving, self-seeking, hypocritical, nauseating, infantile, irritating and inconsequential “election monitors report”, the EU and its member states should tender an unreserved apology for the unspeakable atrocities that they committed against the people of Africa over the last 200 years.

In case they have forgotten permit me to remind them of just a few.

The Germans committed genocide in Namibia.

The Belgians committed genocide in Congo.

The French commited genocide in Algeria.

The Dutch committed genocide in South Africa.

The Spanish committed genocide in Equitorial Guinea and Morocco.

The Portugese committed genocide in Angola and Mozambique.

The British (though no longer a member of the EU) committed genocide in Kenya and South Africa.

Hundreds of millions of Africans were subjected to ethnic cleansing, mass murder, slavery and total subjugation by the Europeans in the 19th and 20th century.

When a European accuses we Africans of being brutal and barbaric, of committing all manner of mindless atrocities against one another and of being a bunch of fraudulent and dishonest election-riggers they forget to mention the fact that, if true, we must have learnt such callousness, wickedness, barbarity and roguish traits from them. History proves that.

Their report deserves to be in one place and one place alone: the bottom of a dustbin!




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