…as he pledges to #Take Back Imo State without raising dust.

By Chris Onuoha

A chant of ‘It is Athanable ! It is Athanable!!’ rent the air as massive crowd made up of Imo State indigenes including ‘Obidient’ supporters in Lagos came out in their numbers to receive the ‘One-Arm-General’, Distinguish Senator Athan Nneji Achonu, the governorship candidate for Imo Labour Party (LP) and his deputy, Hon. Tony Nwulu at Villa Park dome, Amuwo-Odofin in Lagos, for a special town hall meeting with Imo indigenes.

The interactive meeting organised by Concerned Imo Influencers, a pressure group, to mobilize support for Sen Achonu/Nwulu mandate, saw the intimidating crowd comprising all trade associations, town unions and Obidients who defied the late Saturday morning rain, trooped in their numbers, to identify with the man destined to rescue Imo State from the fangs of numerous challenges the State is facing.

Among the dignitaries with the Senator include the Achonu/Nwulu Campaign Organisation Director General, Engr. Chime Nzeribe; Kenneth Ahanobi, Labour Party National Youth Leader; Barr Callistus Ihejiagwa, Imo State Labour Party Chairman; Capt David Mbamara, Labour Party Chieftain; Hon Lady George Ilechukwu, Women leader and host of others.

On ground to add colours to the fanfare are various dance group of Imo State women, heralding Senator Achonu with a special cultural song that elicited excitement among the crowd.

Also, Lagos State Labour Party members, Amuwo Odofin chapter led by their Publicity Secretary, Bunmi Adesanya were present to identify with good thing that is about to happen to Imo State.

In goodwill messages, Southeast Zone, Labour Party Chairman, Chief Innocent Okeke while speaking enjoined all Imo citizens to team up and recover Imo State from decay. He lamented that if this is not done right now, that Imo will turn to a desert.

He said Imo State is deserted because of hardship and impunity created by the current administration, adding that despite the hardship in the eastern zone, Imo is more tormented than the other States in the region.

He also mentioned that Labour Party is sweeping the entire eastern region, stating that Abia has reflected this with the election victory of Dr. Alex Otti including all other legislative House members in both State Assembly and at the national level. Okeke noted that Imo State is going to replicate the wind of change.

Also speaking, the Labour Party National Youth Leader, Ken Ahanobi said that young people who identifies with Hon Tony Nwulu, the proponent of “Not too young to rule” bill at the Federal House, will also vote for his mandate this time.

He said the combination of Achonu and Nwulu will make a big difference, adding that Sen Achonu’s investments in Imo State are there for everyone to see.

Barrister Callistus Ihejiagwa, Imo LP chairman in his speech said, “With tears, I came to Lagos to express displeasure and narrate of what is happening in that State now.

All the investments, human capacity development and everything that make the State enviable has collapsed. We came to Lagos accompanying our Principal, Sen Achonu, to ginger you to come down and chase the dragon out of Imo House in Owerri.”

Engr. Chime Nzeribe, Achonu Campaign DG said, “I came out of Owerri today in a hurry because of armed robbery attacks and kidnappings still going on.

This is going on in all the towns in Imo State. People are in crying mood. The current Imo State governor has become the Pontius Pilate of our time.

Imo State has gone back to the dark ages. No security, no progress. Removal of the governor is non negotiable.

If this is not done now, perhaps, all of you who are here today, may remain in Lagos for safety, which is not what we want.”

The Imo LP Deputy Governorship candidate, Hon Tony Nwulu mentioned that it will be like a miracle as the new victory wagon of Sen Achonu/Nwulu mandate will zoom down to Douglas House to take over government.

He boasted that victory for Imo Labour party in the November election is sure, that not even their antics can stop it.

Senator Athan Achonu in his opening remark recognised and asked for one minute silence for late General Aguiyi Ironsi, whom he described as an Igbo hero who was murdered brutality, saying he deserves to be honoured more.

Achonu in an emotional psyching, asked, “if all Igbo in Lagos are asked to leave, where would they go? Is it the same Imo State that is not in peace? He also cited instances where Igbo businessmen who requested for land in Lagos, were give swamp areas to develop.

And yet, they perform beyond expectations, and marvelously developing cities in Lagos, adding that Igbo people have been progressive in all spheres of life, and see no reason why they cannot come home and develop their State.

According to him, everything has gone so bad, and with the latest insecurity in all Igbo land, it became worse. He mentioned that with Gov Alex Otti’s victory in Abia State, things will soon change for good in Imo State too.

“It is only in Imo State that there are security checkpoints in every few meters on our roads, meant to prompt Ndimo to run from their ancestral land.

We have to do something. we have to come home and address these reccuring challenges. Even the current occupier of Douglas House was not elected, but appointed by the Court and owes nobody anything. That is why he behaves the way he is doing now,” he said.

Achonu charged all Imolites in Lagos who have their PVC to return home and deliver their polling booths as this will account to winning the election.

“I am appealing to all our brothers in the bush to come out and vote, that there will be no need to run away again,” remarked Achonu.

He also re-emphasised on his belief in local government autonomy, saying that it will be among his top priorities to bring governance to the grassroot.

“There will be emergency in the power sector. Imo State airport that Mbakwe established has been left inactive since inception, which I have personally pledged to reinvigorate into an international cargo hub when I become governor.

“The most important thing now is how we can chase the blood hounding ruler in Imo State out, which is why I came to Lagos to solicit for your votes and support.

People in Ghana right now are rooting for me to come and speak to them. They laments over their challenges which one is safety in their State of Origin, Imo State.

All these will be taken care of when Senator Athan Achonu is inaugurated as the Governor of Imo State after the November election,” he added.

Senator Achonu also allayed the feeling of Imolites in Lagos who sought to know how he would be able to wrestle power from the incumbent.

He assured them that with their vote, it will be settled without much ado. Achonu enjoined all Ndimo to come home with their voters card and help salvage the disturbing situation that have kept Imo State under siege for long.



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