On Tuesday, officials from the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) carried out the demolition of an illicit market commonly known as Kasuan-Dere, suspected to be a hideout for hoodlums and drug traffickers.

Following the demolition, Mukhtar Galadima, the Director of the FCT Department of Development Control, addressed the situation.

He explained that the market, situated on Hassan Musa Katsina Street near Kpaduma II in Asokoro Extension, had evolved into a menace to both residents and those passing by.

Galadima emphasized that despite the Administration’s consistent efforts to clean up the area, it had turned into a hub for criminal activities.

Galadima highlighted that the activities of troublemakers in this area were negatively impacting the overall aesthetics of the environment. As a result, he stressed that it was imperative to halt such activities.

“We have taken down this structure around three times before, yet the undesirable activities persisted. This instance marks the final time, and it will remain so. We must restore cleanliness to this space and elevate the visual appeal of the surroundings.”

He also linked this action to the present Administration’s strategy of purifying the city. This specific location was chosen as a starting point for this endeavor due to the security concerns it posed. It was revealed to us that this spot had been overtaken by criminals, drug dealers, and various other illicit activities.

“This operation will effectively eliminate the presence of hoodlums and drug dealers who have established themselves here.”

Adding to this, Peter Olumuji, Secretary of FCTA’s command and control, noted that this area had been a source of apprehension for residents due to the illegal activities taking place.

“Following the cleanup, we will implement measures to establish a secure point here, allowing people to pass through without the fear of being attacked. This initiative will be sustained over time, with a combined task force ensuring the wellbeing of the public.”

Chief Bitrus Yakubu, the village head of Kpaduma, expressed his gratitude to the FCT Administration for their intervention in ridding them of the menace posed by hoodlums.

“This location has existed for more than two decades, but today it has been cleared for our benefit. Our community is thrilled because, with the removal of this area, residents can now enjoy peace of mind.”



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