On a thread on x, “What’s the wildest experience you had in school ??” a young man @Daniel Orubo on the microblogging app took to his page to share his experience with the Bishop and Proprietor of Covenant University, Bishop Oyedepo. In his words;

“A dude ran and sat on my lap because there was no space in chapel. Oyedepo came straight to him, slapped him twice and pulled him off. Thought he would carry me too.”

Many others on the app agreed with the information shared, while some said the Bishop was instilling discipline on the students.

@kennyrev also shared an insightful information as an eye witness to an event, he wrote;

“So Oyedepo doesn’t regularly come for departure service, I think that was the day of matriculation so everywhere was rowdy and people were just fooling around, I even heard some people were smoking and he saw them…. Absolute chaos ensued after that. People were tearing Bible to share among themselves because everybody had to be there with their copy. This was one of the ones that shocked me, you take New Testament, you take Old Testament. I used a red scarf for my tie. The crazy part was with how rowdy and chaotic the chapel was, the silence that followed when Oyedepo said “The next sound I hear from anybody, the curse of the Lord shall be upon you” I’ve never heard such deafening silence in my life till today. And for those of you attacking Oyedepo, it was gambling, buying and selling that Jesus saw in the Bible and he picked whip to flog people. Imagine if he saw them smoking Weed and drinking codeine, womanizing et al…In all of these let me even state that I’m not against what happened that night, the fact that it happened was just such a lesson to me.”

Some reactions…

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