In an emotional and somewhat comical twist of events, popular Nigerian comedienne Real Warri Pikin, whose real name is Anita Asuoha, found herself shedding tears after a generous airport gesture went awry due to a currency mix-up.

The comedienne, known for her humor and witty takes on life’s experiences, took to social media to share her recent airport mishap. Real Warri Pikin, in a bid to express her appreciation, intended to gift her husband’s “brothers” a sum of ₦2,000 each before their departure. However, things did not go as planned.

The currency mix-up unfolded when Real Warri Pikin handed out $200 to each of her husband’s “brothers” instead of the intended Nigerian Naira. While her intention was to gift them ₦2,000 each, she mistakenly handed over US dollars.

The situation became more complicated when considering the current exchange rate, with 1 US Dollar equivalent to 930 Nigerian Naira. As a result, her gift of $200 translated to a whopping ₦186,000 per recipient.

Taking to social media, the comedienne expressed her chagrin and humorously lamented the unexpected financial turn of events. She couldn’t help but laugh at her mistake, but tears flowed from her eyes as she processed the substantial difference in the intended and actual gifts.

Real Warri Pikin’s amusing anecdote highlights the importance of currency awareness, even in seemingly routine acts of generosity. Her story resonated with many, drawing laughter and sympathy from her followers on social media.

While the gift mix-up may have been a lesson in currency conversion, it undoubtedly added a hilarious chapter to Real Warri Pikin’s life story, reaffirming her status as one of Nigeria’s beloved comedians.



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