Ordinarily, we are advised by our father, the Golden President General, His Excellency Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, MFR, OFR, CFR AHAEJIAGAMBA, and by extension ALL IGBO LEADERS, to over look the infantile antics of a drowning boy who every well meaning IGBO YOUTH knew as a "dumbass". 

The boy Damian Okafor, is wallowing in self pity, perhaps due to his atrocious renditions.

1-For the avoidance of doubt, DEMON", as christened by Igbo Youths,was first suspended, unanimously on the 25th of September 2021 from office as YOUTH LEADER. That is 23 out of 24 members of the NEC, including his brothers from Ebonyi State, passed a "Vote of no confidence"in his clueless, corrupt, primitive, and queer leadership style. Subsequently, it became torrential.

2 A Vote of No confidence by Ebonyi Youths

3 A Vote of No confidence by Ebonyi NEC members

4 A Vote of No confidence by the Leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, and,

5 A Vote of No confidence by the gods of the land.

 It is instructive to inform the general public and all security agencies, that, Damian Okafor, was blacklisted by IGBO YOUTHS Worldwide as a result of his terrible behavior.

  IGBO YOUTHS, are known for their spirit of respect to elders and constituted authorities.

Our sense of industry is that of wealth creation, setting up robust template to stimulate Trade and cutting edge Technology.

Internationally, IGBO YOUTHS, are breaking grounds and shattering glass ceiling in all areas of human endeavors.

 Even though, we commend Chief Iwuanyanwu, for his committments towards creating sustainable jobs that will discourage such pitiable behavior by a dimwitted fellow. We the Youth Wing will not fail to sanction any erring youth who will want to hide behind a phony organization to malign our President General.

However, we the Youth Wing, do hereby, restate our unalloyed loyalty to the President General Chief EMMANUEL INWUANYANWU(Ahaejiagamba), and the Ag. NATIONAL YOUTH LEADER, MAZI CHUKWUMA ONYINYECHUKWU OKPALAEZEUKWU

Thank you all for rapt attention. 


Mazi Chika Art Adiele

 National Publicity Secretary Ohanaeze

 Ndigbo Worldwide(Youth Wing)




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