Rufai Oseni and Jesutega Onokpasa, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, argued on Monday morning during the popular Arise television program.

Oseni, who was conducting an interview with Onokpasa during the program, disagreed with the chieftain’s stance on the removal of fuel subsidies.

Onokpasa attempted to interrupt Oseni while he was speaking, but the interviewer insisted that he complete his question.

“Let me finish Mr Onokpasa. Let me finish please.” Oseni insisted.

Onokpasa, who was not pleased with the way Rufai spoke to him, claimed that the interviewer was disrespectful.

“Please, don’t raise your voice at me, young man. Don’t raise your voice at me Rufai. I’m your guest, you will respect me. I will walk out of your studio if you raise your voice at me. Talk to me respectfully.” Onokpasa said while pointing fingers at the screen.

Oseni in his response said, “You may well take your decision if you want to. I’m asking a question. You might decide to walk out if you want to.”

Onokpasa refused to answer the question asked by Oseni, and the duo kept talking at the same time, not minding Dr Reuben Abati who was trying to intervene in the matter.

This eventually lead to Abati calling for a break.


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