The Police PRO, Delta state command, Bright Edafe has made a video to inform Nigerians of what

offenses are not liable to get a jail term for.

He explained that he had been receiving complaints from members of the Public about getting harassed

by recalcitrant Policemen, Vigilante groups, Anti-cultist organizations, Hunters association regarding their dressing.

He maintained that on matters of dress code; boys with dreadlocks and piercings, girls wearing bum

shorts, miniskirts, going braless, it is not an offense and that secular has been debunked by the

state government.

He gave out his number, asking anyone who is harassed by a police officer to call him or send him a text

so that he can be of assistance.

Police cannot arrest you over indecent dressing, dreadlocked hairs, factory tinted cars amongst others, Delta police PRO informs Nigerians

He also advised those using factory tinted cars to keep using it in the interim until the suspension on

tinted vehicles has been removed.

He gave the go ahead to those who use artificially tinted vehicles, but had the tinted permit before it was

suspended to keep using it.

However, for those without the permit he pleaded with them to peel it off as they would be forced to peel

it off right where they had been caught with the tinted car.



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