By Obinna J Nwankwo


I truly understand the frustrations of Raymond Ozoji. 

Social Media has proliferated Media Channels, produced media influencers and influenzas, broadcasters and brothercasters alike, so I understand that the market is narrowing down for Raymond. The competition is not just tiring some people, but retiring them or at best, boxing them into a cheap corner.

Sometimes, the uncertified journalists even do better jobs and push the prideful ones to a corner, even to the extent they resort to attacking personalities, creating mischiefs to remain relevant.

In this article, Raymond said 

"From investigations", and this is exactly why I decided to get interested. He continued.... "one of the popular political support groups for Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, known as Soludo Support Group (SSG) is currently enmeshed in supremacy tussle over who should be the National Coordinator of the group".

Raymond, you should have just said that according to he that mislead you 🤣. So, your investigation did not reveal to you that SSG never had a National Coordinator at any time until now?

It is noteworthy that in this same manner of seeking for relevance, Raymond Ozoji had attacked the office of The Secretary to the State Government, but I guess, the Prof didn't even bath an eye-lead for a passing housefly 😂. You also attacked the Head of Service of Anambra State after being paid 7 thousand Naira. These amounts may buy you a good plate of rice, but at least you shouldn't add mischief to the low self worth.

Anyone who knows Glamour already is already aware that he is gifted with the patience to take and switch calls and chats for a prolonged period without getting tensed as long as he is not in immediate services of his Master, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo-CFR😄.

Through professional media approach, it was revealed that you called Chief Nwoye at 2:36 on the day, when he was on duty in a meeting of the LG Chairmen with Mr Governor.

Though, in the usual, established and magnanimous showcase of his public relations inclination, he returned your call at 4.42 pm the same day. But because your purpose was not investigation but mischief through sensationalism, you made sure you beat the time you were given to publish your article of fallacy or you loose your 10 thousand Naira.

Mr town crier, you said; "These two factions of SSG are in dire situations at the moment". Any one who is analytical at all should see that the spirit of this writing is that which is declaring crisis from a loosing corner, in order to call the attention of someone somewhere to please bring him or her into a roundtable. Hence, the raising of dust.

Let me quote you again! "....allegedly sent text messages to members not to attend the meeting held at Maybond Hotel Awka with a promise that they would be given contracts to execute..." At this point, it has become obvious that 10 thousand naira could suck away sense from low budget hatchet jobber. Raymond, you should simply attach a screenshot of this 6th commandment 😁... "A message with a promise" 🤣. Ray, can we see the message you quoted in your write-up💁🏽‍♂️. It must have been received by a living human being😁

You continued; "An SSG member who pleaded anonymity, told our correspondent that ever since the election of Governor Soludo was achieved, there has been total disenchantment amongst members of Soludo Support Group. The source stated that members felt being used, dumped and neglected because there were no meetings and no means of interaction which led to agitations amongst members...." Raymond, these later paragraphs are confirming the exact thing your article is trying so hard to deny. The word, used, dumped and neglected are actually more revealing than whatever defense you are putting up, and they portray the mindset of whoever that is your pay master. But 10 thousand is too poor for this show of shame 🤷🏽‍♂️. You even said "ever since" to emphasize the time your contractors started Revolting against Mr Governor and you expect Deputy Chief of Staff to fold his hands at this??? 

Let me inform you that Hon Nwoye is of SSG (State Chief Protocol and Deputy Chief of Staff), Sir Paul Nwosu is the Commissioner for Information and from Ogbaru, The MD Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTADA) Mr Ossy Onuko, The MD Anambra Waste Management Authority (ASWAMA) Chief Mike Ozoemena, Ozó Leo Ikwueto (JAC), Onitsha North Local Government, Ihiala both incumbent and his immediate predecessor, Nnewi South, ASUBEB Board Membership, JAC Membership, and other numerous positions/appointments, occupied by SSG then, how many appointees are in Solution Government? how many are SSG? Calculate the ratio against other over 30 support groups and see why no one should have used the word "Used, dumped and neglected" in a government that would rather employ more public servants than give appointments without job description.

Governor Soludo have already employed 5000 teachers, 300+ medical professionals, other medical staff in the health sector, shared economic trees, trained over 20 thousand through Solution Innovative District, is equipping other tens of thousands through 1 youth 2 skills, etc and SSG members are Ndi Anambra. Now you can agree with me that this is the reason no one from any support group would in his or her right senses cry *used and dumped*. Meanwhile, Glamour made it so open that the support groups were not working for appointments from the outset, but for better, sincere, livable, prosperous and efficient governance in Anambra State.

Raymond, If Hon Chinedu Nwoye handed over leadership to a national coordinator already under 1 year, then he remains the best Convener and has done better than all other Support Groups and with that, he showed his commitment and love for the group. All of us know the happenstances from the time of election in November- swearing in- Obidient distraction up until now. 

Be assured that Chief Nwoye will not allow anyone hide under SSG to prepare for any opposition in future. He is alert, and that you can take to the bank.

Let me also predict that this writeup will never do your paymaster any good, as there are things they will not tell you... Bro! Gov Soludo is always having his thinking cap on✅.

Meanwhile, appointees or no appointees, I am aware that ALL SOLUDO SUPPORT GROUP which Glamour is the Chairman is going through a metamorphic stage of streamlining. It is possible you are not on the same page with "the Alhaji who owns the nama 😊"

Furthermore, SSG who knows the advantage it enjoyed because of the closeness of it's first Convener, Hon Chinedu Nwoye to the SOURCE will not want the Deputy Chief of Staff to be outside of the same leadership that needs to maintain their advantage, had it been that ASSG is not trying to streamline the Supports.

Having any issue as you presented means that the group is growing when many groups have died and therefore CANNOT have issues at all.

Conclusively Mr Raymond, It is one of the commonest of our mistakes to consider that the limit of our of perception is also the limit of all that there is to perceive.

Now, to truly send you into proper investigation which you never did and you are not ready to do, and to reveal a tip of the iceberg, attached hereunder is an summary of an executive summary report of an SSG strategic meeting. The hardcopy is also attached.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY REPORT OF THE STRATEGIC MEETING OF THE SSG NATIONAL WORKING COMMITTEE, ZONAL/LOCAL GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP AND OTHER KEY STAKE HOLDERS AT THE DE GEO GOLD HOTEL, AWKA, ON 27/09/2023.At about 1.26pm, the meeting was called to order. The moderator Sir J.C Maduka ensured that all the protocols of prayers, kola presentation and breaking were all perfected, in a full hall capacity event with over 85% of the stakeholders in attendance. It was a roll call of the key SSG stakeholders. These include the Convener/National leader, (SSG) and the state chief of protocol and Deputy chief of Staff to the Governor, Chief Hon. Chinedu Nwoye (Glamour), Hon. Van George Ezeogidi (Ijelle Utuh) South Zonal coordinator, Ozo Ochijie Modilim Central Zone Coordinator, Sam Emeka- North Zonal Coordinator, Dr. Chris Okonkwo (Ugodinaobi Anam) National Treasurer, Emma Oramalu- National PRO and Uyom Nkem – National welfare and Hon Tompadri- (National Officer) Also present from the grass root were the 19 local government coordinators, 19 women leaders, 18 youth leaders and some PRO’s and secretaries. The attendance register will be published accordingly. At the prompting of the moderator, the convener/national leader of the SSG and the state Chief of Protocol and Deputy of staff to the Governor Chief Hon. Chinedu Nwoye (Glamour) took the floor and explained explicitly how he held many meetings with Hon. Arinzechukwu Awogu and discussed modalities of handing over the national coordinator position to him, in the face of the growing high demands of his official Job in the state government. The Convener/National Leader (Glamour) chronicled step by step how he encouraged and handed over the national coordinator position to Chief (Hon) Awogu. For example he raised N500,000 privately and N1,500,000 from the purse of the SSG and gave to Chief Awogu, for a smooth take off a new office of the national co-ordinator. The convener expressed disappointment, that Chief Awogu, drifted after a while and created acrimony, disharmony, and instability within the SSG family. According to the convener/national leader, the other sins of Chief Awogu, includes, inciting the members of the SSG to continuously demand for compensation for the work they did during the last election. This is regardless of the fact that many of the SSG members are in various positions of government, employment. Chief Awogu was also accused of embarking on various hidden agenda to mislead and blindfold members from appreciating the various developmental success stories of Mr. Governor, across the length and breath of the state, especially in the areas of massive road construction, erosion control, electricity, health, and educational facilities provision. Also the Governor is currently embarking on massive employment exercise and provision of palliatives, through co-operatives. According to the convener, the shortcomings of Chief Awogu’s leadership prompted him to severally call a meeting of zonal/local govt. coordinators and other leaders, to discuss the deteriorating development in the SSG. Finally the convener disclosed that the outcome of those meetings culminated in summoning of this meeting, to brain storm and determine ways to save and restore the soul and dignity of the SSG. BRIEFS FROM ZONAL CO-ORDINATORS Chief Sam Emeka (North) Applauded the performance of SSG in the last election and appealed for calm, as appreciation will come sooner or later. Explained how chief Awogu frustrated peace moves by the zonal coordinators and convener, Hon. Van George Ezeogiodi(Ijelle Utuh) Narrated how he worked had to deliver the governor in his ward and local government. Applauded the convener (glamour) for submitting members name, for political appointment elections. That despite all these, chief Awogu masterminded the near collapse of the SSG family.That the convener has done well and finds it absurd that somebody will plan to torpedo him. Ozo OChije Modilim – Centre Coordinator He heralded the convener/National coordinator, Chief Hon Chinedu Nwoye (Glamour) and expressed satisfaction, for the good works the governor is doing in Awka South. Chief Ozo Ochije also observed that the SSG have been infiltrated with persons with negative agenda and hoped that the assembly would take far reaching decisions on the matter. Ugodinaobi Anam- Dr. Chief Okonkwo Applauded the governor for the good works in Anambra-West, his local government. Frowned at the selfish and retrogressive attitude of chief Awogu. Zonal Woman Leader Hon- Mrs Chijindu Appealed for peace and harmony as soon as offender repent. Movement of motion The Oyi co-ordinator – Emmanuel Nweke (IGA) moved a motion that The outcome of the reunion committee be dissolved and declared null and avoid That the leadership should be reverted to the original holder. Mrs. Nduka Sybili Aguata woman leader - supported the motion for the nullification of the outcome of the re-union committee.Emma Oramalu moved a motion for the convener, Chinedu Nwoye (Glamor) to accept and hold the post of the National coordinator for three months, until a capable and popular candidate is appointed. Prince Chinedu Okafor, Awka South co-ordinator supported the motion by Emma Oramalu.Acceptance speech Convener (Glamor) Thanked the assembly house for their renewed trust and confidence, by asking him to hold the position of National coordinator for three months. He agreed to do the that for only 2 two months because of the nature of official job.Interim Appointment by the General Assembly Secretary –Dr. EC. Okoli National Youth Leader – Hon. Ikechukwu John National Woman leader – Hon. Mrs Chimdindu National PRO - Emma Oramalu National Org. Sec. Chief – J.C. MaduekeMrs. Chibogwu – Woman leader Dr. Roy Chidube – National Fin SecChief Ugodinobi – National treasure B.C Onwukwe – Co-ordinator of deputy coordinator Hon. Joseph Okonkwo – Co-ordinator of all coordinators Appreciation Ijele Utuh – Thanked everybody present and the convener especially, for good performance and leadership. Closing prayers by – Dr. Constance Nzeakor by 4.31pm Dr. Sir Okoli Emmanuel C. Secretary



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