A Nigerian man, Eke Ako, has said that a woman spending her own money without the knowledge and approval of her husband is financial infidelity which, according to him, is the same as sexual infidelity. 

Mr. Ako, from Abia State, who stated this in a Facebook post on Monday, October 30, 2023, had earlier said that he supports polygamy. Read his post below: 


Financial infidelity carries the same weight as sexual infidelity. Your funds also belong to your husband. When you spend outside your family (your husband, children & you) without his knowledge and agreement, it is the same as sexual infidelity

My dear sisters who copy western marriages ignore this part

Igbo marriage remains the best. Working out differences in a marriage is not endurance

Marriage requires toughness, tolerance and endurance

You must decide to lose sometimes. You must also know your place.

Also avoid the temptation of changing a natural order because you want to copy what you don’t really understand.

Spending your money without your husband
Spending your money without your husband
Spending your money without your husband


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