"I m not interested in your explanation" - Seun Kuti rubbishes AY's explanation

Controversial artist Seun Kuti has rubbished the explanation given by comedian AY Makun over his recent allegations of calling his daughter a dog.

Recall that Seun Kuti called out the AY comedian for referring to his daughter as a dog in one of his skits.

Seun’s statement: “They said I laughed when AY Makun’s house burned down, but if you follow me often, you’d know that the day his house caught fire, I went live without delay.”

“As they were trying to extinguish the fire, I was live, except for the moment you portrayed my daughter as a dog in your skit video, making jokes about my trials and tribulations.”

Reacting to the allegations, AY stated in a video that he never referred to the daughter of the artist as a dog. He explained that he uses trending issues for most of his jokes and that the video Suen referred to as the skit in which he called his daughter a dog is untrue.

According to AY, he used the Hilda Baci dog-eating issue for a skit when she was called out by a dog lover for cooking and eating dogs as a delicacy.

Reacting to the explanation of AY Makun, Seun Kuti stated that he wasn’t interested in their explanations because AY’s moves were dark. According to Seun, AY lied in his explanation.

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