Every business has a purpose - provide value and drive profitability. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many as there exist huge business challenges hindering the actualisation of such goals. 

Well experienced, tested and trusted in the world of information technology, Chinedum Ucheoma has through his technical and business expertise, passion and commitment to making change warmed his way to the hearts of business owners, start-ups, existing and even struggling businesses because of the new lease of life he has injected into them. He supports and enables industry leaders and CxOs overcome business challenges via the adoption of best-in-class technology for their mission-critical priorities to drive measurable business outcomes.

A strategist and cloud technology expert, he offers solutions that assists business owners to grow, leveraging on the strategic utilization of technology. For him, he believes that technology was developed to bring solutions to variegated needs of man and business is inclusive.

When asked on how he thrives in his pursuit to get businesses to align with the solution he offers through his sales and consulting endeavours, he is of the strong opinion that people are most times limited by their own minds.

"Limiting mindsets and excuses that claim sales are too difficult for us to embark on should be cast aside. We all have the potential to become successful salespeople if we approach the process with the right mindset and determination. Sales, it turns out, is a universal skill waiting to be unlocked within each of us", he said recently during a chat with newsmen in Abuja. 

His passion towards helping businesses grow through digital transformation is legendary and that's why he believes that the right message to the right people through the right channel does the magic. Most importantly, the value you will be bringing and the problem you will be solving for a business or individual.

He has garnered excellent years of experience in his career across Fortune 500 and FTSE tech giants while being exposed to several trainings and certifications within and outside Nigeria. All these prepared him to be part of the solution that businesses around the global community are seeking. 

In an interactive session with business executives and entrepreneurs held recently, he was asked What magic should businesses do in their approach towards driving new businesses and improving sales? Hear him: "Once you have identified your potential customers, the next crucial task is to approach them and establish contact.

"In today's interconnected world, there are various methods to reach out to prospects. Email is a powerful tool that offers a convenient way to initiate contact. Crafting a well-thought-out email to introduce your solution is essential. Phone calls, messages via any of the social media platforms or request for meetings are all possible means of contact. 

"However, regardless of the communication method you choose, a fundamental principle remains consistent. The content of messaging should prompt a response from your prospect." 

He didn't stop there. He is of the strong opinion that one must equally understand the needs of their clients and how to provide them with the right solutions. 

"Imagine receiving an email about fantastic boot camps for kids during school holidays when you don't have children. The message is clear, but it targets the wrong person. This misalignment is akin to attempting to sell hair extensions to someone who prefers a low haircut or, in a tech context, pitching an app download to a user with a basic mobile telephone without smartphone abilities."

Chinedum Ucheoma no doubt signposts one of the several Nigerian young talents who continue to put our country on the global map with a good mastery of their trade. Their satisfaction lies in providing solutions to help individuals and organizations grow rather than laying emphasis on financial gratification.

He is a good ambassador of the African youth community as his contributions towards talent nurturing is stellar.

If you are able to attract patronage for your business, you have achieved your aim but is that enough? Read his response as I wrap up this piece; "Once a sale is made, it's not the end but the beginning of a relationship. Maintaining customer relationships is the lifeline of sales. It involves consistent communication, personalized support, and an unwavering commitment to fulfilling the evolving needs of your customers. It's not just about selling a product; it's about building long-term connections and relationships"

He uses several avenues to mentor fellow young people in the industry that today is arguably one of the largest employers of labour. The ICT sector across the world is soaring and someone like Chinedum is a reason for us as a country to be happy because he is opening fresh vista to assist people and organisations to meet their economic needs by making maximum use of ICT-driven solutions.



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