Popular actor, Prince Eke speaks on why Mr Ibu’s health challenges might be  a spiritual problem rather than a physical one, following recent reports that he was allegedly sleeping with his adopted daughter.

Right in the face, the internet was hit with allegations that the veteran embattled movie star, Mr Ibu was sleeping with his adopted daughter, Jasmine, as a viral audio recording captures him admitting to this.

This set off mixed reactions on social media and had left many totally bewildered and in disbelief; skeptics have chosen to believe that the audio was probably doctored.

Prince Eke took to his Instagram page to react to the news.

He expressed uncertainty as to what to believe at this point. However, he noted that if what had been said was indeed true, it then means that Mr Ibu had been committing incest.

The actor further said that Mr Ibu’s present woes and health problems may even be a spiritual one rather than one which has physical causes.

He urged the comic act to ask God for forgiveness because he had committed a sinful act by fronting his side chick as his daughter and then secretly sleeping with her.

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