It is not easy to reconcile perceptions of a lively, bubbly and happy young businesswoman with that of a decomposing body being packed out of her flat in a bodybag.

Business success, beauty, class and connections suddenly became a dark story echoing death and the cutting short of a truly promising life.

The question that continues to linger in the minds of many is who or what killed posh Abuja beauty and owner of Fecit Luxury Spa, Miss Fecit Faith Banfa?

Some people in the neighbourhood think that Banfa, who was in her late twenties may have been ‘used’ by a big man. Did she die of natural or unnatural causes or was she physically harmed or poisoned as some now speculate?

She shares similar names with Faith Banfa, a Ghanaian-American actress, writer, and producer best known for her roles as “Aisha” in the Netflix original series “Dear White People” and as “Simone” in the BET+ original series “First Wives Club”.

A former state governor and a former minister were among VIPs said to be on her clientele list and photographs that she posted on one of her Instagram handles, Fecitb21, includes poses in a private jet.

She was a ‘happening’ lady with many followers online and in real life. Not seeing her usual posts on social media, lack of response to both calls and text messages all activated a few friends’ move to convince her landlord to break into her apartment. They got welcomed by the putrid smell of her decaying body. The suspense over her death has defied solution.

Police in Abuja feel concerned too and while speculations mount over whether Fecit was stabbed, poisoned or committed suicide, the sudden death has attracted much public attention and become one of the priority investigations going on.

The shocking incident swiftly drew the attention of law enforcement in Abuja, prompting a transfer of the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID). FCT Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, Josephine Adah, confirmed the transfer, emphasising the intensive ongoing investigation into the perplexing demise of the vibrant and socially active Fecit.

“Yes, the case has been transferred from Garki Division to CID, investigation is going on,” Josephine Adah, Public Relations Officer at the FCT Police headquarters said.

The mystery death of bubbling Fecit, a Plateau indigene who graduated from the University of Jos became a priority for police detectives who are now working to crack the mystery.

FCT Police spokesperson, Josephine Adah explained further: “ On 09/12/2023 at about 10pm, following a distress report from one Ahmed Muhammed at Garki Police Station, Police operatives proceeded to the residence of one Fecit Banfa, a female tenant of the above mentioned, who had locked herself in her room.

“Upon reaching the deceased’s apartment with some of her family members, her door was forcibly opened and her decomposed body was found; due to the decomposing state of the body, staff of Asokoro hospital were invited to convey the body to the mortuary and the case was transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department in Abuja for further Investigation,” she said.

With a very posh spa at Akure Street in a nice part of Garki within the central area of Abuja, and a boutique selling high-end bags, shoes and other items along with being regularly seen in designer clothes and accessories, many easily assume that such a person must be one of those highly-connected and rich Abuja elites who seemingly have nothing to worry about.

Despite consistent efforts by the Police and other security agencies, audacious criminals and crooks from all parts of the country seem to continue streaming in, to try out some of their nefarious ways in the Federal Capital Territory. Police investigation is expected to illuminate the circumstances under which Miss Banfa died.

Resolving the untimely death of Faith Fecit Banfa may be one more emphatic effort towards further reassuring citizens in Abuja and the Nigeria Police appears focused on getting to the root of mysteries like this.




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