Christian women have revealed how they would react if they discover their husband and their sister have been having an affair. 

The video of the women answering the question during their fellowship is going viral on Facebook. 

In it, the women all agreed they would fight and chase away their sister, forgive their husband, and upgrade their behaviour so their husband won’t have a reason to cheat again. 

Woman 1: I’ll use prayer to be following my husband and I believe one day God will touch his heart. 

Woman 2: It’s not my husband’s fault, it’s my sister’s fault. I’ll lavish my husband with special love and my sister is the one I will face. 

When the pastor asked the women if the second woman gave a correct answer,  they chorused, “yes”. 

Woman 3: First, what am I looking for in my husband’s phone? You’re not supposed to check his phone, that’s what we were taught here. 

Secondly, say I made the mistake of going through his phone and find such, I’ll pay a visit to our parents and ask them to talk to my sister to leave my husband. I will then ask my sister to go back to our parent’s home so they can advice her to leave my man and go and marry hers. 

On my husband’s part, I won’t tell him that I know anything. What I’ll do is to upgrade my character if it’s lacking in any area. Then I’ll back it up with prayers. 

Woman 5: First, I will not allow any other person to hear it. I will hide it. After sealing it, I will now go and fight my sister. 

If there’s a religious house that my husband favours, we will go there for counselling. 

Woman 5: I know a real life incident that played out the same way. What the wife did was that she went to their pastor and after they were counselled, the couple made up and they sent her sister packing. 

At this point, the Reverend responded: They have answered it correctly, let’s go to another topic. 

Woman 6 stands later and adds: If you chase your sister, your husband could go behind you and continue the relationship with her. So, apply wisdom. Call your sister and talk to her in a language she can understand so she can stay away. Then look for someone your husband respects and ask them to advice him. 

Then, if there’s any area where you’re making mistakes, correct those mistakes because there is something that made that man to look outside. 

The women who gave the answers are members of a women’s fellowship where women are taught to be better wives. 

In one video,  they were asked in whose name they would register their house if they made enough money to buy a house and the women answered that they would buy in the husband’s name and make their children the next of kin.

Watch the video below…



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