Ireti Doyle, a seasoned Nollywood actor, disclosed the one requirement she would accept before going nude in a movie.

In the most recent episode of Pulse’s podcast, “Terms and Conditions,” Ireti stressed that she has simply provided a reason in the movie script to play a nude character in a movie.

Ireti Doyle made it clear that if a movie’s nudity was intended for marketing and publicity, she would not accept the role.

She would not consider the script’s justification for promotional purposes, as she believes it to be significant.

The actress, 56, stated:

“There are characters that I wouldn’t play. And it has nothing to do with love scenes or nudity.

“For instance, if you expect me to go nude in a film, the script would have to justify it. If it was for sheer sensationalism and click baits, absolutely no. But if you are telling a story of rape or abuse, and there is something required, I’m sure we can work something around where you can achieve the level of realism that is required

“And more to that like I said, as a professional actor, whatever objections you have about executing a character or a role, should be discussed beforehand. Not while you are on set. You read the script. You knew what was required. What are you all about?”




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