Bella Okagbue has opened up about her emotional issues with the continuous public attention that comes with being a celebrity.

The reality star has shown a side of herself that is different from how celebrities are typically portrayed.

Bella Okagbue stated that she detested crowds, having her picture taken, and having to put up a front for the public.

She acknowledged that she detests interacting with people and that she struggles to manage the demands of remaining relevant in the public spotlight.

Despite rising to fame through BBNaija, Okagbue confessed that the expectations to maintain a public persona clash with her personal preferences.

In her words;

I hate crowds, I hate facing cameras and faking a smile, and I dislike socializing. I don’t have social anxiety disorder cause I don’t care about being judged by others but I hate being watched. Everyone around me wants me to keep making appearances and try to stay relevant but I really do not care. I just want my work to speak for me, be happy and rich. What do I do?”



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