Angela Okorie filmed herself washing her hands with a bottle of champagne.

The actress/singer visited a club and bottles of Don Perignon were ordered for their enjoyment.

In a video shared online, the actress is seen washing her hands with a bottle of Don Perignon as a waiter stands beside her, emptying the contents of the bottle on her hands.

As she washed her hands, she boasted: “I don’t need to wash my hands with water in this hard time.”

The video went viral and she returned to Instagram to address the criticisms she received for the video.

She began in her rebuttal: “Opinions does not matter at all. I can post whatever I like on my page.”

She continued: “Why are some of you so bitteered? Do you lack love at home? Are you intimidated by the Don P? Na your money? Na your drink?”

Watch the video below.



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