Nollywood actress, Oloruntimilehin Bosede Bukola, better known as Kiitan Bukola has disclosed her biggest toxic traits.

The Yoruba movie star disclosed on her Instagram page that she isolates herself a lot.

She claims that she usually stops talking to others when she is having a hard time till she is okay.

She said that as soon as she feels better, she resumes talking as if nothing had happened.

Kiitan is simply handling things herself because she believes it is best, despite the fact that many believe she is off with them.

While others may view it as arrogant, she pointed out that self-isolation has always benefited her.

In her words: “One of my biggest toxic traits is that when I’m going through something I tend to stop talking to everyone until I’m okay. When I’m okay I’ll start communicating again like nothing happened. It’s not me being off with you, I just deal with things better when I’m alone.

“This is so me and some see it as PRIDE LOL. Self-isolation to come out stronger has always worked for me.”




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