The event welcomed amazingly creative designers like The Oza Woman, Jack and Jill,
Marona, Glovana, Lindy Wane Apparel, Mar Orlah, Neyo Stitches, 14Ss, Firdausssy, Angelic Stitches, Naazaa designs, Nyashii Leather, Ursla Designs, and Smart 4Real Brand from South Sudan. 

Draped in sophistication, the runway unfolded with meticulous choreography,
presenting a visual symphony of colours, textures, and design finesse. Attendees were
treated to an immersive experience, as each ensemble narrated a story of Africa’s rich
tapestry, celebrating its diversity and time-honored traditions.  

AFAA is thrilled to kick-start the countdown to AFAA 2024, promising a fashion odyssey that will transcend the boundaries of style and artistry, with strategic initiatives that will redefine the narrative of African
Mr Kingsley Amako, Founder and Chief Executive of AFAA, shared this excitement with the press in his recent briefing.

Mr. Amako explained how fashion and arts seats confidently in the centre and inevitably connects and compliments every other vertical of the creative industry.

Against this backdrop, he shared AFAA's willingness to partner with relevant organisations, agencies, and companies in delivering the life changing projects on the AFAA 2024 event calendar across the continent
Amako, when asked, ensured that the press understood that AFAA and the Fashion Runway
served not only as a platform for designers to unveil their masterpieces but also as a nexus for cultural exchange and the convergence of artistic creatives.
Mr Kingsley Amako, in his conclusion, expressed delight in the success of the event by recognizing the Abuja Continental as the Headline sponsor and Pashione as the Gold Sponsor. 
While appreciating these organisations, he stressed that "AFAA" stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of African creativity. It is a manifestation of our commitment to showcasing the unparalleled talent that defines our fashion and art landscape."




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