The calling of Great Philip Johnson by God was not by chance, but for a clear and divine purpose - to fulfill His mandate of raising financial apostles and bringing souls to Christ. From the very beginning of this assignment, the man of God has remained steadfast in his commitment, never once looking back or wavering in his faith.

Even before the official establishment of God's Empire Christian Centre in Abuja, Great Philip Johnson had already established himself as a true servant of God, preaching the gospel, healing troubled souls, and comforting hearts in desolate places.

A humble and gentle man, he is not only spiritually grounded but also highly educated, having studied Public Administration as his first degree and Theology and African Religion at the doctorate level. He is a man of few words, but his words are filled with wisdom and insight. He is a man of both spiritual and intellectual depth, committed to serving God and humanity with diligence and excellence.

Despite the challenges of traveling to remote and difficult terrains, Apostle Great Philip Johnson is always willing to go where he is needed to spread the gospel and provide assistance to those in need. He has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the people he serves.

The Apostle's generosity extends beyond the spiritual realm, as he has used his resources to distribute relief materials to people regardless of their religious, political, or ethnic backgrounds. He is a global citizen, having traveled extensively and gained knowledge and experience from different cultures and perspectives.

As a man with a heart of gold, Apostle Great Philip Johnson has undertaken many humanitarian projects, meeting the physical needs of people after he has fed them spiritually. He has sponsored the education of 15 students, provided a monthly stipend for 50 widows, and regularly donated relief materials to orphanages.

As we look to the future, we pray that this year shall see him record myriads of exploits.

More grace! Apostle Great Philip Johnson.


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