A woman, Prisca Zulu, has been caught with a naked man in her own matrimonial bedroom in Lusaka’s Chipata Compound, Zambia.

Mpanga, a metal fabricator, who had been away on duty in Chongwe for six weeks decided to surprise his wife by arriving back home unannounced.

But on arriving home, the 38-year old husband ended up with a shock of his life.

According to Zambia Observer, Mpanga stated that his wife reacted rather strangely to his “Honey, I am home” announcement.

“She just peeped through the window and closed the curtain,”he said.

After allowing himself in the house through the kitchen door, Mpanga noticed that his wife’s steps were distorted with worry and panic written all over her face.

Suspicious, Mpanga headed for the bedroom where he found a strange boxer on their bed along with other male clothes scattered on the floor.

When he picked the boxer to examine it, his wife attempted to grab it from him and this triggered a scuffle.

Mpanga during the fight fell on a heap of clothes that hid a naked man beneath it.

Mpanga on pulling the man from the heap of clothes and seeing the massive weapon he carried in his groin area, immediately understood why his wife of 13 years had suddenly developed a limp in her walk.

With the help of neighbours, the naked man who was identified as David Mbewe was marched to Kabanana Police Station while Mpanga kept the clothes as evidence of his wife’s infidelity.

Mpanga then went to the Matero Local Court seeking K30,000 compensation from David for adultery.

In court, Mbewe said he had only slept with Prisca on two occasions while the cheating wife admitted to her infidelity, but begged for forgiveness from her husband saying she treasured her marriage.

Ruling, the magistrate, Harriet Mulenga ordered Mbewe to compensate Mpanga with K35,000 while she counseled Prisca.



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