The reigning Miss Tourism, Ebere Joy on Monday survived a ghastly road accident in Abuja the nation's capital AbujaPress reports. 

The crash happened at about 2:47pm along Umar Musa Yar'Adua Expressway way, popularly known as Airport Road while on her way to Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport to pick her sister. 

Joy, the Tourism Ambassador of the Nigerian Tourism Development Authority (NTDA) was in the company of her brother when the accident happened. 
According to AbujaPress, The Honda car she travelled on was fatally damaged but she along with her brother escaped unhurt. 

The accident was said to have occurred when another driver parked on one way and suddenly pulled out from the wrong lane with full speed in front of Queen Ebere. In an attempt to dodge the reckless driver, she swerved her hand off the road, jumping a barricade. 

Sympathizers were seen flocking around her in a viral video, and they said her survival was miraculous. 

Taking to the social media to announce the development, the tourism ambassador said she was unconscious for few moments after the incident, 
She said though devil came prepared but God's mercy prevailed. 

She said, "God never desert his own, the devil sent his agents to take my life and that of my brother, but mercy said NO!

"I don't even know how to type an epistle again, my mouth is just filled with gratitude, i and my brother came out without a scratch, my car flew over some barricades, we even hit some poles before we landed with a thud causing the airbags to burst.

"The doors were jammed and I lost consciousness for some seconds and all l could hear was my brothers voice shouting "'sis jump out, open the door"

"I couldnt open the door nor jump cos I was in shock, he had to unstrap my seatbelts and pushed pushed me out.

"If the devil wasnt prepared, tell me how someone will park a vehicle on an expressway in a one way mode, and just when I was close to you, you entered my front with a full speed!"




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