The Patriotic Elders For Peace and Unity has cautioned politicians and public affairs Analysts against making unpatriotic statements in their conversations about the current economic hardships in the country.

The President of the group, Dr Bature Abdul’Aziz, sounded the caution shortly after an emergency meeting of the group held in Kano on Friday.

Abdul’Aziz said the elders are disturbed by the current situations where politicians and public affairs analysts indulge in reckless and unguarded statements about the unintended hardships caused by the economic reforms of the Bola Tinubu administration.

“It is highly disheartening to note at this period when every reasonable Nigerian is supposed to be patriotic because of the situation in which the country has found itself, some disgruntled elements are busy trying to cause civil unrest.

“And one cannot comprehend the actual mission of some highly-placed politicians who are persistently making comments that could lead to treasonable felony, just because some policies of the Government have caused unintended hardships, to the people,”the president said.

According to him, most of those whom are in the vanguard of the mission of plunging Nigeria into war or confusion, were the same politicians who wanted to lead Nigeria either at State or Federal levels.

“Why is it difficult for those politicians and so-called analysts to understand that globally there is a recession and in those countries affected by the recession,you would not hear their opposition politicians making inflammatory comments about the situation, rather they would be offering ways to address the problem,” he said.

Abdul’Aziz, therefore, advised Nigerians not to listen to “those unpatriotic remarks, instead,they should continue to support and cooperate with the Bola Tinubu administration in its efforts to revamp the economy of the country for the benefit of all.”



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