The just concluded Northern Nigeria Peace Conference and Award Dinner resonated with the theme of "Sustainable Peace, Security, and Economic Growth in Northern Nigeria."" The event was not just a gathering; it was a celebration of individuals and organizations whose relentless efforts have significantly contributed to peace, security, and community development in the region.

In a bid to address the pressing issues of peace, security, and economic development in Northern Nigeria, The Conference and Awards Dinner served as a pivotal platform for dialogue, collaboration, and recognition. the event aimed to foster constructive discussions and celebrate individuals and organizations making significant contributions.

The conference brought together key stakeholders, including government officials, community leaders, security agencies, scholars, and representatives from civil society organizations. Participants engaged in robust discussions on strategies to mitigate conflict, promote intercommunal harmony, and enhance security measures in the region. Emphasis was placed on the importance of community driven initiatives, conflict resolution mechanisms, and the role of youth and women in fostering sustainable peace.

Recognizing the inseparable link between peace and economic prosperity, the conference also delved into strategies for promoting economic growth and development in Northern Nigeria. Discussions and presentations highlighted the potential of agriculture, entrepreneurship, infrastructure development, and investment opportunities and talents development to stimulate economic activity and alleviate poverty in the region. Furthermore, the importance of inclusive economic policies and empowerment initiatives targeting marginalized communities was underscored.

The Awards Dinner segment of the event served as a platform to honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding contributions to peacebuilding, security, and economic development in Northern Nigeria. Awards were presented in various categories, including - Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Youth Empowerment and Education- Women's Leadership and Empowerment- Economic Innovation and Entrepreneurship

-m Community Development and Social Impact

The Northern Nigeria Peace Conference and Awards Dinner marked a significant milestone in the collective efforts to advance sustainable peace, security, and economic growth in the region. By providing a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and recognition, the event reinforced the commitment of stakeholders to work together towards a brighter and more prosperous future for Northern Nigeria. Moving forward, it is imperative that the momentum generated by the conference is sustained through continued cooperation, implementation of actionable strategies, and ongoing support for initiatives aimed at transforming the socio-economic landscape of the region.

Recipients of the awards were lauded for their dedication, resilience, and innovative approaches in addressing the challenges facing the region.

Among the distinguished personalities recognized for their immense contributions were: 

AIG GB Umar (Rtd), Vice President (Africa) INTERPOL: A beacon of security and law enforcement, his dedication has been instrumental in fostering peace across borders. 

Dr. Safiya Stephanie Musa, mpi, Founder/CEO, EduShine Support Foundation: A visionary leader in education and community development, her work has uplifted countless lives and empowered communities. 

Amb. Mailafia Yakubu Agabi fcna, Majikiran Deddare, and Jaman matasan arewa: Their commitment to community development and peace-building initiatives has set a standard for collaborative efforts in the region. 

Dr. Sanusi Turaki Bala, Founder/MD, Hafmoh Energy & Engineering Applications Ltd: Through innovative solutions, he has not only empowered youth but also contributed to the economic growth of Northern Nigeria. 

Gen. Christopher Gwabin Musa, OFR, Chief of Defense Staff:His leadership and strategic initiatives have played a pivotal role in ensuring security and stability in the region. 

MUmmasalma Isiyaku Rabiu, MD/CEO Usir Chemicals and Fertilizers Nig Ltd: A trailblazer in women empowerment and leadership, her achievements inspire generations to come. 

H.E Engr Abdullahi A. Sule, Executive Governor, Nasarawa State:Recognized as the Governor of the Year, his exemplary leadership exemplifies the vision for a prosperous Northern Nigeria. 

Zainab Lawal Gwamma, Founder/CEO Ragsetall:Her commitment to peace and community development sets a high standard for leadership and social responsibility. 

Dr. Haggai Gutap, Technical Head, Plateau CARES: As a champion of community development, his tireless efforts have brought hope and transformation to the lives of many. 

Jamila Mohammed, CEO Meelmoh Magazine: A symbol of excellence in leadership and community development, her work inspires positive change across the region. 

Hon. Aminu Suleiman, Founder/Director General, Tinubu Support Organization (TSO): His dedication to peace and community development is a testament to the power of grassroots initiatives. 

Rukayya Sada Abdulmumini, CEO/Founder, RS by Rukky Sada: Her commitment to peace and community development serves as a beacon of hope for marginalized communities. 

Hon. Tijani Aliyu Ahmed, Federal Commissioner of the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI): Recognized as the Northern Nigeria Humanitarian Ambassador of the Year, his advocacy for displaced persons reflects the region's compassion and solidarity. 

Olusegun Dada, Special Assistant to the President on Social Media: A youth ambassador and advocate for social change, his efforts have amplified the voices of Northern Nigeria's youth on the national stage. 

Gazzali Salisu Buhari and Ahmed Abubakar Kumo, Director Special Duties, National Population Commission: Their dedication to youth empowerment and community development embodies the spirit of resilience and innovation in Northern Nigeria. 

Hon. Bitrus Lawrence Garki, Mandate Secretary (Commissioner), Area Council Services Secretariat: His commitment to peace and community development at the grassroots level reflects the region's resilience and determination to thrive despite challenges.

Ahmed Abubakar Kumo, Ahmed Abubakar (Limateef), Engr Mustapha Ibrahim, Yahaya Buhari Ali.

The Northern Nigeria Peace Conference and Award Dinner not only honored these exemplary individuals but also served as a platform to inspire others to join in the noble cause of building a peaceful and prosperous Northern Nigeria. As we celebrate their achievements, let us also renew our commitment to working together towards a future where peace, security, and economic growth are attainable for all



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