High Chief Kenneth Ejiofor Ifekudu OFR is a businessman and philanthropist with vast interest in many sectors of the Nigerian economy including construction and real estate. He is the founder of Diamond Leeds Ltd based in Abuja. Chief Ifekudu has equally used his God's given resources to touch lives. He was recently recognized as Sun Newspaper Businessman . He bared his mind on the award,Anambra state and others issues. Excerpts

How do you feel about your recent award as Sun Newspaper Businessman of the Year?

It is gratifying to see that our efforts and contributions are being recognized. We can only thank God for giving us the opportunity to do these things that we are being recognized for. The award is a motivation for us to do more. Overall, we thank God and everyone who has contributed to our success.

Is it because of the award that people rumoured that you want to run for Anambra Governorship election?

I have no intention of accepting a political appointment, let alone running for the governorship election. I am a very busy entrepreneur, contesting for governorship or being a politician will be very distracting, everyone has their priorities and preferences. I have absolutely no interest in politics. I am content with where I am right now. The rumors about my imaginary governorship ambition are the work of mischief makers and I do not know what they hope to achieve with such reports.

People also insinuated that some of your philanthropy is connected to your future ambitions. Can you comment on that?

I am not aware when philanthropy became a criterion for leadership. I have been giving back to society for a long time now. People are shaped by their life experiences and upbringing when it comes to giving. In my case, my upbringing and experiences have influenced how I give and relate to people. As I mentioned earlier, I have never had any ambition to hold a political office, whether through election or appointment. I am a businessman and I am focused on what I do.

What is your advice to the people of Anambra regarding the news about your governorship ambition?

My advice to ndi Anambra is to disregard the news. There is absolutely no truth regarding any governorship ambition on my part. I have no interest at all, now or in the future, in holding any political office in Anambra or anywhere else. I use this medium to beg people not to ruin one's name in the name of news reporting. I will not and never be a politician. I have been really traumatized over the report as i have never envisaged being a politician in my life.



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