In Zamfara State, a tragic incident has left 49 individuals dead following a five-day onslaught by bandits.

The affected villages, namely Farar-Kasa, Dangulbi, Duhuwa, Tsatsomawa, and Yar Sabaya in Anka Local Government Area, witnessed the loss of lives from Tuesday to Saturday.

Residents express deep concern over the escalating banditry, with one resident lamenting the daily occurrence of attacks and the feeling of helplessness in the face of the bandits’ dominance.

The bandits, described as wielding significant power within the communities, operate with impunity, imposing levies and abducting individuals at will.

The situation remains dire, as evidenced by recent encounters where bandits, even impersonating military personnel, set up illegal checkpoints to rob unsuspecting travelers along Anka-Bagega road.

Amidst pleas for intervention from both federal and state authorities, the absence of adequate security measures continues to embolden the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

However, efforts to gather official responses from authorities have been met with silence, exacerbating the community’s sense of abandonment in the face of this ongoing crisis.



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