Minister of Works, David Umahi, made headlines on Tuesday with a surprising move during a scheduled press event in Abuja.

Journalists, eagerly waiting for the briefing, were left puzzled as the minister abruptly walked out, declaring the press to be non-existent.

The incident unfolded at the ministry’s conference room, where reporters had gathered after receiving a short notice just two hours prior. Despite the journalists’ punctuality, Umahi arrived late, at 2:50 pm, and wasted no time in reciting the national anthem and pledge before announcing the cancellation of the press conference.

“There is no press here. The press conference is not held again. When the press is ready,” Umahi declared before leaving the room, leaving the invited reporters bewildered.

Among the reporters present were representatives from reputable media outlets such as The Nation, The Guardian, Vanguard, Blueprint, Arise TV, Channels TV, and NTA. The Minister, accompanied by other ministry officials, then proceeded to his office without providing any further clarification or offering an apology for the abrupt end to the briefing.

The unexpected turn of events has sparked conversations about the relationship between the government and the media, highlighting the challenges journalists face in their efforts to cover government activities transparently.

The incident also serves as a reminder of the importance of mutual respect and understanding between the press and public officials in fostering a healthy democracy.





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