The Nigerian entertainment industry has over the years evolved from one stage to the other, rising to a level where it is currently estimated to worth nearly $15 million dollars with brighter growth potentials. 

In all, women have defied all odds to make themselves relevant in the industry, both in music, film, comedy or other aspects of entertainment. One of those who have made immense sacrifices to contribute their God-given talent to bring excitement in the minds of our people is young and energetic Jessa Joan. 

Through sleepless nights, hard work, and commitment to translate her vision into reality, she has challenged the status quo to book a spot of pride for women in the music industry especially in Abuja and environs. 

A songwriter, singer and talented dancer as well, Jessa Joan's sensational voice, laced with grace her given her an opportunity to dine with kings and queens in high places in entertainment industry and beyond. 

In Abuja, she has consistently been rated high on the account of her sterling performances at high profile events and social functions. Her hit tracks are travelling like wildfire, blaring on the speakers of radio and TV stations, supermarkets, filling stations and public places. 

Apart from her arresting rhythmic flows, her lyrics are also superb, full of sense and inspiration. Little wonder she has been on media tour in recent times, where she is being hosted by radio and TV stations to offer motivation to those who are feeling less of themselves and allowing that their talent to be hidden for long. 

She has has become a face to look out for in Abuja major shows as her performances wow her guests. Not long ago, she was recognized in the Uncommon Personality Award (UPA), organised by Orcapella Digital for her outstanding contributions towards the development of entertainment industry in the country as well as her numerous philanthropic gestures that have lifted the lives of many.  

She is highly energetic, a stage mover, a show mover and a delight to watch. Her electrifying dance step stands her out, coupled with her beautiful dancers that add glamour to her performance. 

Her presence is not only felt in the field of entertainment. She is also a philanthropist who through her foundation, Jessa Joan Foundation carried out several impactful humanitarian programmes cutting across environment, education, water and sanitation, empowerment and health. 

A qualified attorney, she is also present in business, where she has provided outstanding and satisfactory services to her clients through her Jessa Joan Fashion, Jessa Joan Business Consult, NOAJ Realty, Jessa Joan Logistics, all under Jessa Joan Group. 

The upcoming African Iconic Women Awards (AIWRA) 2024 which will have several African First Ladies and wives of several Nigerian governors' wives will also be an opportunity to prove her "can do" spirit as her hit track "Hello Africa" will thrill these African First Ladies. 

Also, the AY show coming up in Abuja will see her display her talent, add a sprinkle of glamour to the event. 

Jessa Joan without any shadow of doubt has proven that she is a new wave of change blowing in the entertainment sector.



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