The Anambra Command of the Nigeria Hunters and Forest Security Service (NHFSS) has successfully dismantled a kidnappers’ hideout nestled within the depths of Anam forest, located in Anambra-West Local Government Area of the state.

Dr. John Metchie, Deputy Commander-General, Technical Services of NHFSS, revealed this development during a press briefing held in Abuja on Friday.

According to Metchie, the operation conducted on Friday was spearheaded by two senior commanders, prompted by actionable intelligence received by the service.

He recounted how officers traversed the remote regions of the forest, ultimately stumbling upon an abandoned Toyota Sienna vehicle containing an array of weapons and other damning evidence.

Among the discoveries were a pistol, an AK47 rifle, locally crafted firearms, vehicle license plates, assorted charms, and other incriminating materials.

The vehicle and its contents were promptly handed over to the Nigeria Police for further investigation, while the hunters continue their pursuit of the suspected kidnappers who deserted the scene.

Metchie emphasized the invaluable role hunters play in bolstering the nation’s security framework, advocating for their rightful acknowledgment within the security apparatus.

He highlighted NHFSS as the official governing body representing hunters nationwide, tasked with collaborating with law enforcement and other security agencies to safeguard lives and property in remote areas such as forests and hinterlands.



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