...alleges corruption charges against him surmount.

A group of civil society organizations called the 'Vanguard For New Nigeria' (VNN) has written to the President, Bola Tinubu, calling for the immediate sack and prosecution of the Managing Director of Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) Muhammed Bello Koko over his alleged involvement in corruption. 

VNN expressed dissatisfaction that despite several reports indicting the NPA boss, and several invitations extended to him by the Senate which he did not honour, he has continued to enjoy political cover, shielding him from sack, arrest and prosecution. 

The group while stating that the decision to pick Muhammed Bello Koko to head Nigerian Ports Authority is a case study, noted that series of corruption in the agency under him has deterred foreign investors from choosing Nigeria as a choice of destination. 

Detailing series of allegations under the NPA boss, VNN said, "Despite many waves of alleged  corruptions cases established against Bello Koko by the EFCC and other local and international private investors, and despite complaints of alleged corruption and extortion from local and international Maritime stakeholders, the former and the present government seems inactive to take action."

"It is worthy of note that the Nigeria Ports Authority is an agency with operations involving both developed and developing countries across the globe  and the seriousness of the economic developmental interactions with which these countries will take Nigeria depends largely on the kind of personality that the Nigerian government assigned with the responsibility to run such a sensitive agency. 



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