The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) has thrown its weight behind the full autonomy of local government councils, lauding the federal government’s ongoing efforts to liberate the third tier of government from state government control.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, RMAFC Chairman, Mohammed Bello Shehu, emphasized that local government councils were established to facilitate effective governance at the grassroots level.

He lamented the undue influence exerted by state governments over local councils, which compromises their political, administrative, and fiscal independence.

This, in turn, impedes the provision of quality service delivery in infrastructure and social services, as stipulated in the Constitution.

Shehu highlighted the transformative potential of granting full autonomy to local government councils. He asserted that autonomy would mitigate poverty, curb rural-urban migration, and enhance the delivery of democratic dividends to the people.

Furthermore, he emphasized that autonomy would attract more qualified candidates to council elections, thereby improving governance across all levels in the long term.

The RMAFC’s endorsement of local government autonomy underscores the importance of empowering grassroots governance structures. By advocating for autonomy, the commission aims to enhance service delivery, promote inclusivity, and foster sustainable development at the grassroots level.



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