A Nigerian lady, Okoroafor Uju Christabel is being dragged on Facebook for saying that women have turned the gym into a hook up place, photo studio and fashion house.

“Men have been going to the gym since 19kpirigidim. I’ve always known the gym as this tough house of grind… Sweat… Testosterone! They will go there, lift weights, banter and go home,” she wrote on Thursday, June 20. 

“Since women started going to the gym, it has now became a hook up place, photo studio and fashion house.

“If they are not decked up in a full face of makeup and expensive wigs, they are in skimpy and provocative gym wears.

“They will exercise for 2 minutes, take pictures for 40 minutes, press phone for 30 minutes, walk round the entire gym for 20 minutes and finally go home.

“Some even touch up their faces before going home.

Uwa chinelo. Ps. If you come on this post to misyarn, thunder will fire you in advance.



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