The Kugbo mechanic area along the Abuja-Keffi Expressway was thrown into turmoil yesterday following the alleged fatal stabbing of an electrician by a yet-to-be-identified soldier.

The incident reportedly stemmed from an argument between the soldier and the electrician, known only as ‘Yellow.’

Witnesses say the confrontation escalated, culminating in the soldier stabbing ‘Yellow’ to death. In the aftermath, the soldier’s car was set ablaze by the deceased’s colleagues, prompting the soldier to flee the scene.

A local trader, who requested anonymity, described the panic that ensued. “Shop owners quickly closed their shops and ran for safety. The soldier had brought his car for the electrician to work on, but after a few hours, an argument broke out. The soldier then pulled out a knife and stabbed the electrician, before fleeing,” the trader recounted. “His car was later burned by the electrician’s colleagues, but the situation is calm now as a few policemen have arrived.”

Another witness, a spare parts dealer who also wished to remain unnamed, corroborated this account. “The soldier initially came to me, but I was busy and redirected him to another person. Later, I heard a heated argument, and then the tragic news of the electrician’s death and the burning of the soldier’s vehicle,” he said.

At the time of this report, there had been no official statements from the military or the police. The incident has left the community in shock and has sparked concerns over security in the area.




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