UK based Frontline digital entrepreneur Amara Ezenwoye has recounted her moves to make the society better with some of her key projects as she marks a new year in her life today.

The birthday lady who in 2024 completed her Masters at the University of South Wales in United Kingdom where she studied Strategic and Digital Marketing told newsmen she started a project called Trendflu which is aimed at empowering young professionals, small businesses and digital newcomers. 

According to her, the project offers training on useful digital tools and profitable websites, a knowledge they can use to generate income through the generation of engaging digital contents which include e-books and videos, which are usually published on social media platforms. 

According to her, through the project, there has been an increase in the purchase of the e-books within a space of five months in UK and in Nigeria. 

"Additionally, there is an ongoing collaboration between University of South Wales in the United Kingdom and our organization to offer certified courses and enhance the pursuit value of our offerings. 

This collaboration is being tailored to arrive at a point where these courses will be highly desirable, with enhanced selling propositions and leading to high number of enrollment and ultimately revenue generation", she stated.

Amara also highlighted that the goal is to provide free valuable information on social media and blog space so that people will become aware of the need to leverage on effective digital tools for efficiency and profit. 

She announced that a dedicated website which is populated with useful information that will add value to the entrepreneurial journey of digital newcomers and small business owners is already receiving the needed engagement. 

She further narrated how she was interviewed by International Institute of Digital Marketing in Texas, United States where she had her internship as a digital marketing analyst in 2022, the first place she derived her drive to go into digital marketing. 

"I had an interview with them recently on my journey so far and they were impressed", she added. 

She therefore expressed gratitude with the impact she's making in the society.

Her collaboration with University of South Wales Studio, in the United Kingdom which is called studio start-ups to make digital skill a core course, increased sales in a short while and her interview with International Institute of Digital Marketing in Texas are some of the things she is grateful for. 

Her university education is being useful to humanity and she is full of satisfaction, even as she promises the best is yet to come. 

Meanwhile, she has continued to receive loads of goodwill messages from her family and friends at the occasion of her birthday.



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