A Nigerian man living in Europe blasts his wife for neglecting house chores while he was out working to support their family. The confrontation, which was captured on video and has since gone viral, reveals the husband's frustration over his wife's perceived lack of contribution to their household. 
In the footage, the visibly upset husband chastises his wife for failing to keep their home clean. "You’re a liability to me," he exclaims. He points out that she has no job, does not attend school, and does not engage in any farming activities. Yet, despite these circumstances, she fails to maintain the cleanliness of their house.

"Where have you been since morning?" he demands. His wife responds that she had gone out to help a friend find a place to shop, an explanation that only further enrages her husband. "All you do is eat inside dirtiness," he retorts, labeling her a "liability woman."



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