A renowned international medicare institution called QEI Concepts/Lady Green Limited has held a sensitization program to intimate the public on the need to concentrate on organic products. The discussion which was held on the 29th of February 2020 at Roses Regency Hotel, Wuye, Abuja was organized to cutdown the rate diseases and infections contracted from inorganic products.

During the health discussion on the importance of organic foods and drinks, QEI Concept/Lady Green Limited addressed participants on the need to avoid junk foods, but instead adopt the lifestyle of our old and late parents who lived a life free from diseases and infections because they maintained the use of organic products only.
Speaking at the occasion, the MD/CEO of QEI Concept/Lady Green Limited, Lady Queen Ikwanzom noted that her organization's interest was to ensure that Nigerians live a long and healthy life. She stated that it was time for Nigerians to start avoiding junk foods and return to the lifestyle of our grandparents as it was the best way to avoid diseases and unhealthy living. 

She also noted that the QEI Concept Limited is a leading group of doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, army personnel and philanthropists, who believe in continuity of advanced immune system, science with innovations in better health research, product formulation/ standards and more. She further stated that people all over the world are benefiting from the health information and the immune system support of QEI products and services. 
Some notable personalities at the health discussion President Azog Incorporated, New Jersey, USA, Dr Azubuike Ogala, MD/CEO QEI Concepts/ Lady Green Limited, Lady Queen Ikwanzom, General Manager QEI Concepts/ Lady Green Limited, Mr James Oshogwe, Africa Representative QEI Concepts/ Lady Green Limited, Dr King Kinang, development partners, NGOs and several FCT residents.

Another health Expert who spoke during the discussion was Dr. Azubuike Ogala, the President of Azog Incorporated located in New Jersey, USA. He noted that the major aim of the sensitization discussion was to create opportunities for millions of Nigerians through encouraging local manufacturing of medical products to cure critical health challenges faced by Nigerians. He encouraged Nigerians to look within ourselves to identify what works for us. He says "we can create employment opportunities through manufacturing the products. Instead of manufacturing the products abroad and importing them to sell at N15,000 per bottle, we can manufacture them here for as low as N3,000. Most of our doctors are abroad, so we have to figure out a way to make them return, because we have all we need in Nigeria and Africa."

QEI Concept/Lady Green Limites is one of the fastest growing medicare institution in Nigeria and across the world, envisioned to promote a more healthy and responsive lifestyle. Established 4years ago, the organization commenced free health awareness seminars across the federation and some few west African countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Benin and Togo.



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