The Anambra state 2021 governorship election will be a battle between 4 political parties.


Apart from rigging, APC will come last no matter who will fly their flag. Outright rigging in Anambra state can not be guaranteed. Imo option must be ruled out too. I am not seeing APC in Agu Awka in 2021.

Despite being the party in the state, APGA is in akimbo. The fact is that APGA has solid political structures to win this election, but the leadership mess in the party will throw up betrayals and many APGA members will sell out at the 11th hour. There are more aggrieved members in APGA than those who are happy.

Again, if Victor Oye does not refund the 2019 aggrieved aspirants the unnecessary money extorted from them as they requested, be sure that APGA members will be the ones to ensure the party loses at the election.

Ndi Aguleri did not just destroy the party, they also destroyed the spirit of nkea bu nke anyi.

Finally, the leadership crisis in APGA is now at the Appeal court. No one knows how it will end.

PDP is on ground, and has all it takes to win this election. With 2 senators, 6 house of reps members and 6 house of assembly members, it is a party to beat.

The major problem PDP will face is the post-party-primary-election crisis. The possibility of PDP leaders in Anambra state coming together after the primary election is very much in doubt. The signs are already there that PDP will split after their primaries.

If PDP splits like they usually do, then it is over.

This is a new political party in Anambra politics. The party is gaining acceptance across the state. It is gradually becoming a new Igbo party that may replace APGA.

This is the much I can say now about YPP and 2021.

Source: AIF Media


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