*THE UNCOMMON LEADER- Barr Raymond Onyegu.*

When a famous Ghanian Theologian, Pastor and Motivational Speaker was talking about the uncommon Leader, little did we know that one day in Orumba South, we shall have a materialisation of his Ideal/Imaginary Leadership in a Small but most important way.

The Legendary Martin Luther King Junior once said and I quote,  *"*A genuine leader is not a searcher of Consensus but a molder of Consensus".* just do me a favour and underline the word genuine.
This embodiment of creative ideas and river of positive energy, Ikemba 2 of Owerezukala has once again done the uncommon.

Less than 3 weeks ago, Barr Raymond Onyegu in a manner unbecoming of the *Normal* local government chairmen in Nigeria, massively distributed palliatives to cushion the effects of the ravaging Covid-19 to his people, even while water projects are ongoing in his community, courtesy of his Goodwill. These are to mention but a few of the products of his magnanimous orientation to life.

Yet again, on the 4th day of the 5th month in the year of Covid, Ukpaka n'agba n'udumiri once again lived up to the title which was a consensual bestowment on him, by the generality of the traditional rulers of Orumba. 
While his people were totally perplexed on how to navigate the realities of a Globally sick farming season and what hopes and dangers that awaits the harvest time consequently, knowing fully well that an abnormal farming season begets abnormal harvest, little did they know that their son Ikemba will have a  messianic intervention targeted at improved crop yield.

Dear Colleagues and brethren in the Fourth Estate of the Realm, The entrepreneurial Chairman of Orumba South who does not cury "followership" by playing to the gallery but molds followership through the materialisation of his inventiveness, distributed hundreds of bags of Agricultural materials including Fertilizers, Rice seedlings, Lime, and hybrid cassava stems to people of Owere-ezukala to support their farming season. My people, how else shall we define compassion, proactive thinking and thoughtfulness.
Like in the culture of we the Igbos, whenever the Prestigious Nze n'Ozo tittle conferment is done, it is expected that Heavens will send down *Drizzles*  and a mighty sacrifice is often identified with the presence of Ezek'Udene (The King Vulture), the launch of the Farming Season was witnessed by the presence of half a dozen of the members of the workerholic Anambra State Assembly on a mission to supervise the activities of the security agencies in the multiple borders of Orumba South as they were led by the Deputy Speaker Rt Hon Paschal Agbodike.

In his  speech, a son of the soil and member representing Orumba North in Anambra State Assembly, Hon. Emeka Aforka who I call the *Political Gas* of Orumba, eulogized the ebullient Chairman on the Monumental Agric Launch which is in line with the ideas of the State Gov. HE Chief Sir, Dr Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano, Obataobie Owere-Ezukala, took note of the corporation seen between the Chairman and other principal leaders of his community, the Igwe, the President general, other government appointees who were present like Hon Emma Madu, etcetera and commended the way by which Barr Raymond has carried Orumba efficiently and effectively in his administration. Other members who were present are, Hon Nonso Smart Okafor, Hon Uzoma Eli, Hon Patrick Udoba.

The Deputy Local government chairman who represented the member representing the good people of Orumba South in Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon Engr  Emmanuel Nwafor, applauded Ikemba and described him as a very creative man who you will "like to like" and an Uncommon Goodman. 

The President General of the Town, Barr Emejuo in his speech thanked Hon Ray and gave God Glory for giving him such a Human at a time like we are into.

The Traditional Ruler HRH, Igwe T. O Ogbonnaya, Ogbambiaka 2 and the Rev Fr. In charge of St Patrick's Church Owere-Ezukala used the excitement to rain extraordinary blessings upon the community, the Farmers, their Illustrious son Barr Raymond Onyegu, the Governor who have kept their  *Ray* -of-Light and Anambra State in its entirety.

It was all glory-glory in The residential house of The Local Government Chairman at Okpu village Owere-Ezukala.

Lesson anchored on the speeches of Martin Luther King,..
*Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve. You don`t have to have a college degree to serve. You don`t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace.* 

May God bless the Graceful Chairman of Orumba South

©ObinnaOrumba reporting.

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