According to reports circulating online, at least 50 people died after attending a birthday party for a suspected Yahoo boy in the Akute region of Lagos state.

 According to StatePress, the incident occurred last week, and there have been several rumors of young people dying in the area since then. The news was first reported on Twitter by @pelumiawotedu, and several other users have since joined the conversation, confirming his statements. 

According to reports, the yahoo boy celebrated his birthday in style last Sunday, with over 50 of his friends in attendance. Unfortunately, it has been recorded that 50 of those in attendance are mysteriously dying. Some Twitter users from the same region posted on the incident that happened on that fateful Sunday. 

@ysquare r also reported that the strange incident claimed the lives of his neighbor's mate, her child, and her wife. Not only that, but he reported to a man on his street that he had attended a birthday party with four of his relatives, and that all five of them were dead." 

With the public outraged and demanding to know what caused this heinous act, most people are assuming that the cause of the mass deaths was food poisoning and not anything to do with yahoo rituals. This is due to the fact that the young man who celebrated his birthday is also said to have died.



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