Civic Innovation Lab in collaboration with Art Tech District announced the winners of the maiden edition of the Abuja Tech Friday. Participants were tasked to create interactive solutions for Museum tours.


Before the weekend was in full swing, all roads led to the Discovery Museum for the unfolding of what was about to be the most disruptive competition the space had ever seen.


Using immersive technologies (augmented reality and virtual reality) to solve communication problems, as it relates to history, with focus on artifacts and museums, these groups of innovators gathered to offer various tech solutions with hopes of emerging winners.

Some of the groups and their tech solutions include:

●      Opinok- Their presentation was centered around the use of VR tech for locations, which was designed to provide details of products and artifacts through scans.


●      Air space- This group’s design was coded to aid the identification of artifacts for museum visitors as well as information about art and cultural things.


●      Memphis- This group consisted of web experts, an animator, a creative director and a writer. Their focus was on a 3-dimensional solution, on how art pieces can be enjoyed as well as how to monetize these artifacts.


●      Team Alpha- Who featured AR and VR solutions on how to run the museum and other interactive solutions using technology. These great minds successfully provided information which seem to have the capacity to stand the test of time and proffer communication solutions for not just museums but organizations looking to stay relevant in this world order and the current system of things.

●      Team X-rays -  Using QR codes, taught that we could talk about the history of the artifacts. This QR code design provided live information about onsite works of art. A live demonstration showed how history could be told without contact and through the use of voice overs which come in different languages.


●      Indigenous Lab- As their name implies were proud lovers of culture whose solution enabled uploads, updates, and registration processes; a full system in one. Their solution leverages on providing traction and no-contact experiences which enables navigation in, around and out of the museum-freely, truly built for times like this. They also demonstrated how museums can become the go-to for teaching kids history and empowering institutions. The fact that these things can be achieved using web links and not an application was another factor that distinguished this team of two.


●      Team Percept- Percept’s solution was concerned with population control and user experience as their presentation was centered on decongestion and easy access to information about art works, and artifacts in the museum. Providing camera tracking solutions to aid recognition of artifacts. They created communication solutions that bridges the gap between museum visitors and the art, giving them a guide in their pocket and the opportunities to explore the various artifacts in different dimensions.

The Hackathon Judges; from left to right, Rotimi Williams

(Data Analyst and mixed media artist), Amanda Kirby Okoye (Lawyer & Historian), Adepegba Oduntan (Tech Entrepreneur), and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji ( Co-founder Andela & Flutterwave) who joined via Zoom video call based their decisions on:

-Presentation skills

-Business mindedness of their solutions

-Uniqueness and level of thought that went into their solution pitch,

They were able to come to an agreement as it relates to selecting a winner of this dynamic interactive-tech competition, as they proceed to continue working with the team to implement their great ideas.


-Urban development with his outstanding solution emerged 2nd runner up with the cash prize of N200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand naira only) . This team of one impressed the judges with his confident presentation and his understanding of the disruptive nature of technology and how it can be used.


-Memphis with N300,000.00 (Three Hundred Thousand Naira) came in 2nd place.  This team of 4 could not believe it "we came to eat small chops and go home" the team leader exclaimed as the room rejoiced with them and their super lucrative tech innovation.

Applause and tears filled the room as Indigenous lab emerged winner with the first prize of 500,000.00(Five Hundred Thousand Naira). This team of two impressed the judges and ticked all the criteria boxes with their out of the box tech solution.

A digital museum has posed to be of high relevance in these times, important on the list of things to have at our disposal in Nigeria; not just because of the way the world is operating, but also because of where we are going as a people in this 4th industrial revolution.

The art tech district through this monthly event, is bringing people together, giving opportunities for networks to grow in the creative space and expand through various industries, ranging from tech, art, and creative fields. Participants of the Abuja Tech Friday got a chance to tour the Discovery Museum, powered by Civic Innovation Lab, and they gave constructive feedback about the facility.

Abuja tech Friday was fueled by the Art Tech District and Civic Innovation lab. This pilot edition was a success which promises to keep getting better, expanding in such ways that accommodates more creative industries and various sectors, including but not limited to art, technology, agriculture, security, power and so much more.

We certainly look forward to what next month is set to offer as this event is set to continue making opportunities available for youths across the country.

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