The Abuja narratives in social life is rapidly taking a new turn courtesy of new sheriffs in town. Prior to recent times, the FCT was not known beyond being the nation's seat of power where politicians meet to plot their political survival and restrategise against the next political year. Added to this is the fact that it houses key government ministries, departments and agencies. One can therefore safely say the city is a civil service state where the calendar cycle runs Monday-Friday, unlike Lagos where the large quantum of commercial and social activities run all week.

Interestingly, the I-cannot-kill-myself philosophy of Lagos where social life runs at par with work life seems to have in a way crept into Abuja. Residents of the nation's capital unlike in the past do not need to travel to Eko to unwind after a week-long work. What they are looking for in Sokoto is now in their shokoto, as we say in our parlance. Then why not save the flight ticket and have a full blast here at your doorstep?

This again accounts to why some top class MCs, comedians and artistes are finding their survival in a city once considered a rocky ground for the entertainment industry. Credit must be given to those who are bringing Abuja to limelight with social life, thereby offering residents opportunity of easing off the accumulated work-induced stress while getting them ready for a more healthy and productive lifestyle through a sound and emotionally balanced psyche. Some of these event gurus started off as pageant beauty contest organisers years back but have enlarged their scope to package events that adorn the presence of top socialites, politically exposed persons, business moguls and entertainment icons.

These visionary event organisers have not only created a niche for themselves, they have equally gone ahead to give Lagos a run for its money. In a short while, they have brought fame, attention, accolades, satisfaction, recognition and glamour to the FCT, thereby reviving the social life of the Abuja residents once in limbo.

In no particular order, these five individuals and organisations based on our research have contributed immensely to thrilling the residents of FCT with memorable events. Also note that Venue of Event, Quality Of Personalities, Turn Out of Individuals, Event Packaging, Media Presence & Visibility, Human Relation and Profit/ Income generation form the criteria for our listing.

Mr Olufunsho Alexandra Olumuyiwa Ajagbonna Aka Fajag

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Fajag Concept. The company has for years organised Face Of Democracy Pageant and Democracy Heroes Award.

Olufunsho Alexandra Olumuyiwa Ajagbonna started earlier as one of the leading fashion designers in Abuja where he fashioned for top celebrities from across the country. He later worked with a number of pageant organisations where he learned the rope of the business.

He cut his first teeth in the industry with his Face of Democracy Pageant where at the initial period he embedded his team with other stakeholders who are well experienced in the business to have a full blast of pageant outing.

He is a man with an iron-cast determination, zeal and resilience to achieve success and carve a niche for himself in anything he is set out to do.

As time proceeded, the brand became known and identified as Face of Democracy Project (FDN Projects). Again, there was a paradigm shift from the era where he held the Face of Democracy Pageant and Democracy Heroes Award the same time, date and venue.

Because of the reaction and the commendations that greeted the events, both started enjoying a stand-alone hosting, separating both from each other. There was a month or two interval after the Face of Democracy Pageant before the FCT residents are then thrilled with Democracy Heroes Award where individuals and organisations who have given our democratic culture a stamina are recognised.

As a matter of deliberate policy to recognise women who have done well for themselves and the society at large, not long ago, Fajag floated the African Iconic Women Awards. The maiden edition comes on 16th December 2021 at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.

The list of those who have given showbiz in Abuja a fresh breath will not be complete without the mention of Fajag. This is largely due to his visibility, agility and activeness. This may have earned him the appointment of Special Adviser on Entertainment to the Honourable Member representing the Yenogoa, Kolokuma Opokuma Federal Constituency, Prof. Steve Azaiki

Fajag is a name you can take to the bank When it comes to the choice of event venue. Majority of his events had taken place at the prestigious and world class facility of Transcorp Hilton Hotel Abuja. His consistency has not dropped an inch over the years.

Talking about the quality of his events, he is respected as one who is sufficiently empowered and embedded with capacity to attract sitting and past governors, Senators, Ministers, top government functionaries and respected members of the society from all spheres of life. His ability is not in doubt in this regard.

Guests always look out for the next time to grace Fajag's events because of the satisfaction, the contents they are thrilled with and quality of personalities that adorn his outings.

His packaging is second to none. He gives it a touch that wows the audience. From the stage design, to lighting, outstanding costume and presentations of contestants and technical team of award organizers, he leaves every jaw permanently dropped. He gives it a touch of class and elegance.

In area of publicity and visibility, he enjoys some understanding with select media outlets. He tries his best to have some billboard and banner adverts, announcing what is about to happen among fun-loving Abuja residents. Because of their fun experience in the past outings Fajag has organised, their presence is as sure as daylight. Here, antecedent becomes the advert.

Talking about human relations, guests can be sure of a rich experience and something very beautiful of the table. This is not just because of the quality of guests in attendance but a matter of in-house policy. Fajag has made it a practice to treat guests with utmost dignity. He offers exceptional comfort that makes them glued to their seats even longer.

Not much is known about his income generation/profits, one can however safely say he breaks even because of the massive patronage he enjoys as well as the quality of individuals he attracts. He is not known to be flamboyant with display of wealth, therefore judging him from the prism of what is in the public glare may amount to misfiring.

He puts all it takes to have a talk-of-the-town event any day, one that can compete with the most organised public engagement anywhere around the globe. That's Fajag for you.



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