The African Hair Summit is set to empower women across the country to engage through beauty empowerment programmes on the 8th of March which is the International women’s day 2022. For the past few years it has been a part of their mission and vision statement to help reduce poverty and unemployment through the beauty sector in Africa. Good Nigerians are welcome to join efforts with the foundation to change lives and help improve the wellbeing of our women.


The foundation hereby invite esteemed organizations ;-

·        To partner with and Sponsor the above event financially  

·        To be a longterm partner to Photizo Life Foundation.


In the last six years Photizo Life Foundation in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Information and culture, NIPC, NTDC and other relevant agencies, has successfully organized workshops, community outreach programs amongst other projects, to sensitize women about the health risks associated with hair and skincare products promote the local manufacture of organic skin businesses and to ensure a safer planet through African hair practices. Through the years, our programs have showcased our brand and effort to reduce poverty and unemployment and bring transformational impact in the African beauty space despite the challenges from the pandemic.


The theme for 2022 -Afro Hair Culture-; Strategy for Enterprise development and  National Unity

The significance of a global agenda built around empowering women and small business owners has never been so relevant as the overall economic value of Africans, although not fully recognized, shows the role we have to continuously play if Africa must thrive in the competitive global economy. This is what Photizo Life Foundation aligns with. We thank you for your anticipation of your support as we continue to promote indigenous ingenuity, cultural and economic growth during and after the pandemic.





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