As Governorship election draws near, diverse voices in Ebonyi state: women Organizations, youth groups and other initiatives, weekend, reaffirmed support for philanthropist and business Mogul, Dr Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii in the Governorship race in the State.

These groups drummed their support for Dr Odii, during an interactive session organized by the Ebonyi Diaspora Community for AnyiChuks, in Abuja. 

They expressed hope that should Odii win the Governorship election in Ebonyi state, it would usher in a dawn of a new era following his track records of enormous human capital development initiatives. 

Describing the event as a positive indicator of a new beginning in Ebonyi state, the Ag. National Coordinator Ebonyi Diaspora Community for AnyiChuks, Francis Nwigwe, stated that the people of Ebonyi state have been pillaged by previous administrations but that time has come for a new administration to change the narrative, and restore hope to the people. 

He further urged the people of Ebonyi to get their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, ready to vote for Odii who he claimed would restore hope to the downtrodden and economically disadvantaged persons in the State.

He said: "Our strong conversation is enough is enough in Ebonyi state. We cannot be at the river bank and continue to wash our hands with saliva. We see in you a man God is using to restore hope to the hopeless and to wipe away tears from people's eyes and we are saying time has come for someone with a heart of the people to take over the leadership of the state so that the government can begin to make sense for the average Ebonyians.

The Ebonyi of our dream is one in which the people are proposed, and our children can wake up to brighter tomorrow.

"Our coming here is not to introduce ambassador Odii to the people because he has always been part of us. We are not here to list out his achievements because they are so many, and in fact, they speak loudly for themselves. Our mission here is to build a partnership with the man God has ordained to lead Ebonyi to the Promised Land.

Today, we stand with ANYICHUKS just as Joshua and Caleb stood with Moses in the bible days and say, no matter what we are capable and we shall be victorious because God is with us.

"I therefore, assure you sir that the people of Ebonyi state are behind you. Everyone here is equipped and ready to support you till our Goal is achieved."

On his part, Dr. Odii stated that he is greatly loved by his people because of the care he has shown to them over the years, maintaining that he would make an official declaration of his interest to join the governorship race when he gets to Ebonyi state. 

Odii thanked the groups for finding him worthy to run for the governorship position in Ebonyi.

He said: "I feel that my people love me so much, and then I'm so proud and so happy to be with them. I go back home to break the news in the land of Ebonyi state. So, very soon you will hear about my mission and my stay in Abuja in the last few days. I have done the needful in Abuja for me to go back home so then it is time for me to go back to my Ebonyi people and grant it to them. 

"I have love for humanity.I love my people and God knows from the bottom of my heart that when I see them in pain, I feel pain, and when I see them smile, I feel that I should be happy. I care for every one of them, and that is what it is."

Giving a charge to the youths to vote for a candidate that has an enviable track record, the national secretary of Nigeria Youths Organization, NYO, Alamboye Duke, stated that it was high time for a youth to take over leadership in Ebonyi state, harping that Dr. Odii is best for Ebonyi state. 

He said: "Come 2023, all Ebonyi youths are mandated to go back to Ebonyi state and vote for Dr. Odii. Our country must change. We do not need elderly people to lead us again. Nigerian Youths should come and contest elections. Together we will make Ebonyi state great."


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