A group of civil society organizations led by One Love Foundation has urged Bpe, fidelity bank PLC, KC Akuma,Henry Ajagbawa ,Nerc and others to respect the restraining court orders of justice Emma nwite of federal high court ,and halt to with ,any attempt led by certain state actors in concert with Bpe ,fidelity bank PLC and others to respect the interim court orders against the aforementioned named parties and let the parties desist from actually forcing anarchy in Edo state and Nigeria, over there unlawfull quest to illegally take over the management of Bpe.

The press release in regard to the above goes thus:

Our group, One Love Foundation is an NGO commited to the promotion, defence of human rights, equality of all citizens and justice for everyone all over the world.

The news of the recent illegal and forcefull take over of Bedc by some certain person’s which include fidelity bank PLC, Bpe, Nerc,Mr k Akuma , Mr Charles Ajagbawa, yomi Adeyemi and others with some state actors inspite of a recent interim court orders issued by the federal high court abuja per coram: Justice e nwite granting in the main, interim restraining orders against all of the parties mentioned in this press release and there subsequent actions to undermine, disobey the court order order in suit no:Fhc/abj/C’s/1113/2022 in Vigeo Nigeria limited vs Fidelity bank PLC, is not just shamefull , but also a call to break down of law and order in Nigeria.

It is the age long principle and already a settled position of the law, that parties are expected to always obey the direct, positive and lawfull orders of any court in Nigeria, no matter how highly or lowly placed, and irrespective of the nature of court orders. Parties are also not expected to take any step to overeach and undemine the sanctity of any court process and orders. As a ngo and human rights foundation we then wonder , what was the rationale for the recent invasion and attempt for forcefull/illegal takeover of Bedc office in Benin city by all the parties in this press release and who have all been restrained by the court orders of the above-mentioned courts.

We certainly do not understand the irrational actions by the parties above in this press release.

It is in this regard, we also implore the office of inspector general of police and attorney general of federation, to as a first piont of call, rise to the present occasion and swiftly implement the machineries for the enforcement of the federal high court interim orders alongside other legal measure and implore it on Bpe, Nerc and there officers to halt forthwith the illegal and notorious takeover of Bedc , by entities under their watch.

Moreso we are also by this press release imploring the IGP of Nigeria to mandate the Edo state commissioner of police and all officers under his watch to give effect to the above court order and prohibit the possibility of the above lawless parties forcing a state of anarchy on the present leadership of Bedc.

However as a body, we shall continue to watch events ,as regard the management of Bedc as it unfolds, and we enjoin all the parties restrained by the federal high court to subject their self to the ongoing court proceedings in respect of this matter, instead of resorting to self help, using the machinery of state actors and other apparatus .

We sincerly hope that by this press release , we will in good fate, save the people of Edo state and Nigeria from the impending economic sabatage and electricity black out in the instance, the parties as mentioned in this press release , refuse to heed to wise counsel and decide to undermine the restraining court orders granted against them. One love foundation appreciates the online and tv press mediums for this press release and God bless you all.


Thomas markus

Head of communication

One love foundation.


Ihensekhien Samuel,

Legal representative,

One love foundation.



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