It has come to the notice of Chief Nnamdi Emechebe (CEO Nadisco Oil & Gas, Chairman & Founder Ezejiamatu Foundation) that some people close to him hide under his banner to engage in business transactions without his knowlegde and authorization, and in some cases, brandish his name while trying to curry favour from some of his business partners. Oftentimes, such business deals go wrong, with its attendant bad blood because of the manner of execution of such deals.

It has become imperative that Chief Nnamdi Emechebe makes a categorical and unequivocal statement on this recurring issue. Going forward, any business deal entered into by anyone with any staff, associate, subordinate or partner of Chief Nnamdi Emechebe without his express permission is completely at the risk of the promoters of such deals. Any attempt to link him to such deals when it goes bad will be seriously frowned at, and will be met with stiff consequences.   

Prospective business men are advised to reach out to him for proper guidance before embarking on such venture with any body around him. Chief Nnamdi Emechebe cherishes and jealously guards the reputation he has laboured so hard to build over the years. Honesty and integrity are his forte and on those two, there is no compromise as they are central and fundamental to his success. The general public should please take note.



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